StrymTV app provides live TV on iOS and Apple TV

StrymTV is the successor of iPlayTV, a free iOS app to watch live TV streams directly from your mobile screen. It supports M3U list and you can use the app to watch premium channels like HBO, Discovery, FX, USA, CBS, Showtime, Syfy, Starz, and more for free. StrymTV is available in the AppStore.

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  2. How to install StrymTV on iOS?
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What is StrymTV?

StrymTV is a free M3U playlist player that allows you to watch live tv at any time and anywhere on your iOS device. Import unlimited remote and local M3U playlists to your iOS device and access over 40 Live TV channels available in the USA for free. The built-in media player offers multiple features.

The only downside is that StrymTV displays ads before launching the selected channel.

StrymTV on iPhone

StrymTV supports the builtin M3U playlist but you can also play your own streams. From app settings you can enable the background playback allowing you to listen to your audio or video streams while using other apps or with screen off. Play formats like http, hsl, m3u8, mms, rtsp, ts, mpegts and more.

Other features packed with the app include the option to update remote playlists automatically, manage your M3U playlists with ease on your iOS device, edit and view local playlist content, add any channel or stream to your favorites list for quick access, and play, edit recently played streams.

StrymTV Player

Moreover, StrymTV app can play any stream by opening strymtv://player/VIDEO LINK in a web browser or linking service. There is also available an option to stream the channel to your TV connected to Apple TV. For the moment only screen mirroring is available.

From StrymTV Settings you can also activate playback when using cellular data, enable PiP (picture in picture) mode allowing you to navigate in the app during video playback.

How to install StrymTV on iOS?

StrymTV is an IPTV player available for download from the official AppStore. Add the official StrymTV M3U list to watch your favorite Channels. The application will be not revoked.

Step 1. Install StrymTV from AppStore.

Step 2. Open the app from home screen.

Step 3. Add the official StrymTV IPTV list ( by tapping the + button.

Step 4. Watch all Live Events and Channels.

StrymTV app

StrymTV app supports Raw Pastebin links and correctly formatted M3U links. The IPTV player features unlimited streaming, unlimited playlists, modern native design. and an option to pause, play and rewind features. There is also an option to take screenshots using StrymTV.

TV channels

StrymTV by default offers access to all popular live TV channels including USA Network, Fox, Lifetime, FX, HBO, Freeform, MTV, CBS, Bet, Food Network, AMC, Bravo, Hallmark, HGTV, NBC, OWN, Paramount Network, Showtime, Starz, Syfy, Tbs, The CW, TLC, TNT, TrueTV, ESPN, ESPN 2, FOX Sports, Golf Channel, SKY Sport Football, NBC Sport, NBA TV, NHL Now, History HD, National Geographic, CNN, FOX News, CNBC, Disney, Cartoon Network, and more.

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How to install StrymTV playlist?

To make StrymTV work we need to add a playlist. First, navigate to the StrymTV Playlist Manager tapping on the plus button. Use the official StrymTV playlist URL. After you import the list of all Channels URL navigate to the main window. Tap on selected channel to start streaming.


Version 1.0.1

  • Improved stability, performance, and user experience.
  • More channels and movies Movie camera Popcornwill available soon.
  • Bug fixes.