Sniping in Pokemon GO - teleport to catch a Pokemon

Pokemon GO is probably one of your most popular games in AppStore. How fun would it be if you could teleport to any place to catch a Pokemon without leaving your real location? You can use apps like iSpoofer for POGO or iPogo, but sniping comes with a lot of rules to follow.

Content Summary

  1. What is Sniping?
  2. Sniping apps for Pokemon GO
  3. Actions that will trigger cooldown
  4. Actions that will not trigger cooldown

What is Sniping?

Sniping is the term used to define "teleport and catch a Pokemon" which is far from user real location. In order to snipe, just provide the coordinates of the Pokemon into PokemonGO++ app, tap on the Pokemon and catch it. Learn how to snipe to teleport and cash a Pokemon without being banned.

The most important thing when you teleport is respecting timers, depending on how far you want to teleport and interact with the game. After each teleport, you need to calculate the amount of time to use an in-game action depending on travel distance in the game. You will need to wait Cooldown time to use your next in-game action or you can be baned. A secure time between teleports is 2 hours.

Sniping in Pokemon GO

There is also a method called “Camping” used to stay on the catch screen without throwing a ball or berry at the Pokemon until you can catch it and that depends on the distance and amount of time since your last action. Respect the cooldown times otherwise, the Pokemon you like to catch will flee.

If you have used an action prior to teleporting in Pokemon GO within the past 2 hours you will need to calculate your Cooldown. It is safe to assume when you teleport to a long distances location you will need to wait the maximum 2 hours Cooldown time.

Sniping apps for Pokemon GO

1. iSpoofer for POGO

iSpoofer for Pokemon Go is the must-have mod for POGO players. It allows you to use new features including a joystick for walking around the map, create own patrol routes, auto-generate GPX routes, real-time scan on availability of Gym Slot, free Teleport, 100 IV Pokemon coordinates feed, real-time nearby Pokémon/Gym/Stop Radar, in-game IV Checker, enhanced throw, and Fast Catch Trick.

iSpoofer for Pokemon GO

2. iPogo for PokemonGO

iPogo for PokemonGO is a free iOS application to tweak the official Pokemon GO app available in the AppStore. This free iSpoofer for POGO alternative offers similar features and options. You can download the app on your iPhone without a computer, and there is also an IPA file available to sideload the app. iPogo can be used to teleport and catch a Pokemon in a different location.

iPogo for PokemonGO

iPogo adds additional features to Pokemon GO app. Teleport to any place on the map, add routes to favorites, change the speed of moving, activate enhanced throw, enable Go Plus, Fast Catch, Stats Inventory, hide elements from the main screen like buttons, shortcuts, joystick, spoofing, etc.

3. PokeGo++ for Pokemon GO app (discontinued)

PokeGo++ allows you to side-load the app using Cydia Impactor on iOS 12.4 and use the 2nd most popular Pokemon Go mod. Access quick teleport to change your location, enable dark mode, view where can you find the most wanted Pokemons, and more.

PokeGO++ Teleport

Niantic has filed a lawsuit against Global++ the group of developers responsible for creating tweaked versions of popular Pokemon GO game. Hacked apps like PokeGo++ gave users an unfair advantage, while simultaneously infringing on Niantic’s intellectual property rights.

Actions that will trigger cooldown

When you proceed one of those actions in the Pokemon GO game it's required to wait.

  • Catching a wild Pokemon coming from Incense, Lure Modules, Special Lures, and Meltan’s Mystery Box
  • Spinning a Pokestop (getting a message Bag is Full due to item limit)
  • Spinning a Pokestop with Try Again message due to spin limit
  • Accidental drop of a ball on encounter screen (also applicable to raids)
  • Gym battles
  • Feeding a wild Pokemon with a berry (also applicable to raids)
  • Placing a Pokemon in one of the gyms
  • Feeding a gym defender within screen radar (remote feeding as long as you are within the screen radar)
  • Fleeing Pokemon (due to catch limit)
  • Use of Gotcha device to spin and catch

Actions that will not trigger cooldown

  • Teleporting
  • Evolving a Pokemon
  • Powering up a Pokemon
  • Trading a Pok3mon
  • Encountering a wild Pokemon
  • Remote berry feeding of gym defender (from long distances)
  • Auto walk (minus spinning and catching)
  • Hatching eggs
  • Claiming quest and weekly rewards
  • Catching a reward Pokemon from quests
  • Speed raids (ensure you are off cooldown two hours prior to this)
  • Exchanging and opening gifts
  • Transferring a Pokemon (deleting from the bag)
  • Taking snapshots of a Pokemon
  • Changing a Buddy
  • Gaining Buddy candies
  • Using items (healing items, evolution items, TMs) on a Pokemon
  • Using Stardust and Candies to gain a second move for Pokemon
  • Using Incense, Lucky Egg and/or Starpiece
  • Deleting items from storage
  • Player vs player (PVP) battles
  • Changing of avatar items/clothes
  • Transferring a Pokemon to Switch to activate Mystery Box
  • Obtaining a free raid pass by clicking a gym with an active raid
  • Team leader vs Player battle (battle with Blanche, Candela and/or Spark)
  • Placing a Lure Module or Special Lure on a Pokéstop
  • Purchasing coins and shop items
  • Encountering and catching certain Pokemon from Photobombs such as Smeargle and Party Hat Pikachu
  • Dropping a ball on the ground

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