futurerestore - install unsigned iOS 12 on your iPhone

futurerestore is an iOS downgrade tool allowing you to restore to older versions of firmware that is no longer signed by Apple. You can use it to install iOS 12.2 for jailbreak purposes on your iPhone, even when Apple stopped singing the firmware. SHSH2 blob file is required.

Content Summary

  1. What is futurerestore?
  2. Restore unsigned iOS

What is futurerestore?

futurerestore is a hacked up idevicerestore wrapper, which allows specifying SEP and Baseband for restoring. You can use this program to install iOS IPSW (not IPWS) firmware that is no longer signed by Apple. It supports downgrade methods including Prometheus 64-bit devices, Odysseus for 32-bit devices, and Re-restoring 32-bit devices to iOS 9. Bypass Apple signing IPSW firmware.

The IPSW signing tool is available as a command line program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The jailbreak community created a workflow allowing you to work around Apple's signature system in order to restore iOS versions compatible with available jailbreak tools.

futurerestore terminal interface

SHSH2 blobs can be used to restore iOS when Apple is no longer signing the old firmware. You should backup SHSH regularly if you like to jailbreak iOS to the latest supported version.

More information about Signature HaSH blobs is available in our tutorial Backup SHSH Blob from iOS 12. This file must be downloaded from your device using a signed iOS. You can't generate the file for specific firmware version after the iOS is unsigned.

It is important to have the .shsh2 file before this will happen.

Required software

You will need to download all the necessary software to sign iOS IPSW file and downgrade to lower firmware version. If you didn't back up the shsh2 blobs then you can't downgrade to unsigned iOS.

1. Download iOS IPSW (jailbreak ready version 12 - 12.2 not signed by Apple anymore).

2. Get your SHSH2 blop file, and check if it's valid (only stable version).

3. Download Cydia Impactor.

4. Download NonceReboot.IPA (works only on iOS 12 - 12.1.2).

5. Download GeoNonceSetter12 (works only on iOS 12.1.3 - 12.3 beta 2).

6. Download igetnonce for Windows or Mac (downgrade iOS 12.2 and restore A7/A8/A8x).

7. Download CheckNonceGUI app for Mac (set nonce on iPhone 5s, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone X, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air, iPad 6th Gen, iPad 7th Gen, iPod Touch 7th Gen).

8. Download futurerestore, the IPSW signer.

Restore unsigned iOS

The iOS downgrade process can be quite complex and complicated. I will show you exactly how to sing iOS IPSW firmware (version 12.1.1) and successful downgrade the system on your device using SHSH2 blop file and all tools mentioned above. It's for advanced users only!

Step 1. Connect your device. Open Cydia Impactor and navigate to Device → Install Package.

Step 2. Select NonceReboot12XX.ipa file or GeoSetter.For.iOS.ipa depending on your iOS version.

Step 3. Provide your AppleID and app-specific password to sign apps not provided by Apple.

Install IPA package on iOS using Cydia Impactor app

You need to go to Settings → General → Device Management and trust the certificate of the installed app. The required password for Cydia is not the one you use for AppleID login. Follow the next steps to generate an app-specific password from Apple if you don't have one.

1. Login to appleid.apple.com.

2. Click Generate Password... in the Security section.

3. Add the label "MyApp" to the popup and click Create and copy the password.

Generate App-Specyfic password from Apple

Step 4. Open NonceReboot app from home screen.

Step 5. Open your SHSH2 blob file using a text editor, and search for the generator.

Step 6. Copy your string value to NonceReboot12 or GeoSetter and tap enter.


Step 7. From Settings → AppleID → iCloud disable Find My iPhone.

Step 8. Open Terminal.

Step 9. Add futurerestore.exe -t Name.shsh2 --latest-baseband --latest-sep Name.ipsw -d.

Step 10. Click enter and wait till the iOS restoring process is complete.

ipsw signing tool

Your iPhone should now be restored to iOS 12.1.1 beta 3. This will take a few minutes. From version 2.4.4 futurerestore adds support for iOS 13 and full restoring support for following devices: iPad Air (3rd generation), iPad mini (5th generation), and iPod touch (7th generation).