CokernutX App Store to download iOS apps for free

CokernutX can help you to download and install paid apps and games for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. It offers similar features then more popular apps like Panda Helper, AppValley, Tongbu, or TweakBox App. CokernutX offers fewer apps and fewer chances for revoke by Apple.

Content Summary

  1. What is CokernutX?
  2. How to install CokernutX on iOS?
  3. Open revoked CokernutX apps on iOS
  4. How to use CokernutX?
  5. Best CokernutX Alternatives for iOS

What is CokernutX?

CokernutX is a free platform allowing users to download and install popular paid apps and games available in AppStore for free. The software works without Jailbreak, and you need to perform just a few steps to install the App Store on your iOS device.

It’s a great alternative for similar software like Tutuapp, Panda Helper, or AppValley that we also described in our software hub. The App Store offers more than 5k+ apps and games.

CokernutX App for iOS. Apps, List, and Search screenshot.

Download from CokernutX popular games hack like iSpoofer PokemonGO, Injustice 2 Hack, The War of Mine Hack, Golf Clash Hack, Grand Theft Auto Hack, Forward Assault Hack, Snipers vs Thieves Hack, Guns of Boom Hack, Marvel Strike Force Hack, Last day on Earth Hack, The Simpsons Hack, Clash of Clans Hack, Dream League Soccer Hack, Fieldrunners 2 Hack, PUGB Hack, and more.

Install CokernutX on iPhone

CokernutX offers Jailbreak tools like Electra for iOS 11.3.1, Yalu102, g0blin Jailbreak for iOS 10.3 - iOS 10.3.3, PanGu Jailbreak iOS 9.2-9.33, Saigon Jailbreak, Phoenix, DzMoha, and FilzaEscaped, Th0r, tweeked apps including Facebook++, Youtube++, Snapchat++, Twitter++, Instagram++, Tinder++, WhatsApp++, Twitch++, UFC++, Spotify++, Saavn++, Plex++, Deezer++, Pandora++ Mimo++, and more.

System requirements

CokernutX requires 30 MB of free space and an iPhone with iOS 7 or newer. The software is available for free and works stable on all systems. App Store works with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and obviously with Apple's iOS 12.

How to install CokernutX on iOS?

CokernutX can be installed on your iOS device directly from Safari browser. You don't need to have a PC or Mac to download App Store. To download CokernutX on iOS proceed with our tutorial that covers everything you need to know.

How to install CokernutX on iOS. Step-by-step guide.

Step 1. To install the App Store click on the link cokernutx on your iOS device.

Step 2. Tap the Install button to download the app.

Step 3. Tap Allow navigating to configuration profile screen on your iPhone.

Step 4. Click install to add the profile to verify.

Step 5. Tap Install to download CokernutX on your iPhone.

Step 6. The App Store icon will appear on Home Screen.

To avoid losing apps setting and game saves after certificate revoke it is always a good idea to make a backup. 3uTools is a great free software allowing you to save user-defined backups to PC, or create a full backup of your device. You can use also any other backup software available in our hub.

When you completed all step your CokernutX App should be installed correctly on your iPhone. After CokernutX App will be downloaded you can’t run the app. An Untrusted Developers Message will appear and it’s required to complete all tasks from Step 3 in our guide above.

Open revoked CokernutX apps on iOS

There is a new method to run revoked apps installed from CokernutX App Store without the need to re-download the apps and lose all saved settings. This technique works on all iOS versions including the newest iOS 13, and there is no need to jailbreak your iPhone. This is great news for all users.

Open revoked apps

This method was tested on iOS 13 after revoke and the solution is 100% successful. Be aware that this doesn't remove the revoke. You can only run the app and it will be revoked again when you connect to the internet. To make it run again simply repeat the steps.

Clear history and website data

Step 1. Activate Airplane mode on your device.

Step 2. Navigate to Safari pane preferences in Settings app.

Step 3. Click on Clear History and Website data.

Step 4. Open the revoked app from your home screen.

Step 5. Turn off the Airplane mode.

Step 6. Return to the revoked app.

How to use CokernutX?

After you will install CokernutX using our step-by-step instruction you can start downloading and installing apps and games on your iPhone. How to use the App Store to install apps is explained below in just 3 simple steps that anyone can follow. Apps are delivered using the standard SSL encryption.

How to use CokernutX. Learn how to install apps from CokernutX.

Step 1. Open the app from Home Screen and search for an app or game.

Step 2. On the list, you will find all results indexed by the App Store.

Step 3. When you navigate to the game description click Get to start downloading the app.

Best CokernutX Alternatives for iOS

There are also available 3rd-party Cracked App Stores that can be a great CokernutX alternative on iOS. Simply install the AppStores for free and gain access to all packages.

1. Panda Helper:

Panda Helper is a free platform where users can download games and applications for free on iOS. In the utility category, you can find also jailbreak tools, tweaks, hacks, etc. The app allows users to download paid App Store apps for free. This is a great non-jailbreak CokernutX alternative.

2. Ignition:

Ignition App is the best place to find Tweaked Apps, Hacked Apps, Emulators, Jailbreaks for iOS. Access the library of hundreds off apps for iOS 11 and iOS 12. Install Ignition Store from the official source without a computer. No jailbreak required as well.

3. CyrusHub:

CyrusHub Mist is a new platform to install apps, tweaks, emulators, jailbreak tools on your iPhone, iPad, iPod devices without jailbreak. You can find here a few packages available in Cydia Repositories and install them on jailbreak free iOS 12. No computer required.

4. Tutuapp:

Tutuapp software doesn't require Jailbreak or Apple ID to work. The Store offers access to millions of apps, including paid, hacked games, and ++ applications with additional features. View apps by categories, ranking or newly added positions.

5. AppCake:

AppCake is an iOS App Installer that can install cracked iOS apps, install DEB files, download magnet and .torrent files. AppCake is compatible with iOS 9 - 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12. You can install the app on Non-Jailbreak device with premium service iPASTORE.

6. TopStore:

TopStore App is a free platform with no need for jailbreak on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Sign paid apps, games, and hacked apps and install them on your device. TopStore works with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and the newest version iOS 12.

8. TweakBox App:

TweakBox is one of most popular CokernutX replacements for iOS allowing access to free AppStore apps, tweakbox apps (including emulators, movies, music, jailbreak tools), tweaked apps with modifications, and hacked games. The AppStore works with iOS 11 and iOS 12.

9. AppValley:

AppValley is a platform to download and install applications on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and the newest version iOS 12. It doesn't require a PC to install AppValley on your iPhone. Go through the step-by-step guide to install the app on your device.

10. Flekstore:

FlekStore is a free 3rd-party App Store for iOS allowing you to install ++ apps and tweaks without Jailbreak. The CokernutX alternative is compatible with iOS 9.3.5 up to iOS 12. Moreover, you can add manually new FlekStore Repositories to the app to access even more applications for download.