Caim tweak for iOS 13

iOS 14 brings a thread pinning feature to the Messages app allowing you to pin important conversations at the top of the conversation list. This feature will be never available officially in previous versions of iOS but thanks to a jailbreak and a tweak like Caim you can add and use this feature also on iOS 13.

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  1. What is Caim tweak?
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What is Caim tweak?

Caim tweak ports the iOS 14 Messages App pinning feature to iOS 13. All jailbreak users can enjoy the feature of the next big iOS update right now without the need to install iOS 14 betas on their devices. Caim tweak works on both iPhone and iPad and can be installed from the Twickd repo for $1.29. On iOS 14 this option is free.

Caim tweak

Caim tweak copies the iOS 14 messages pinning feature so well that it is hard to tell if you’re using a jailbreak tweak or you are running the iOS 14 native pinned conversations feature. Pin conversations by tapping on the dots icon from the top right corner of the screen and then tap on Pin option. You can also pin a conversation by swiping on it and then tapping on the Pin button.

The tweak is built after iOS 14 clean design, not just the looks, but also the feeling. My aim with this tweak is to get it as close to iOS 14 as possible and make your friends wonder how you got the pin feature on iOS 13.

What's more, Caim supports Messages app landscape mode.

iOS 14 lets you pin up to 9 conversations only but the jailbreak Caim tweak doesn't have this limitation. Pin as many conversations as you want at the top of the conversation list. Caim works with single and group conversations.

This is one of the best new features that will ship with the upcoming iOS 14 update. If you like your jailbreak you don't need to upgrade to iOS 14 to have this feature.

Caim tweak Repo

The tweak works on almost all devices running on iOS 13 up to iOS 13.5. Add Caim Repository to your list of Cydia Sources.

Step 1. Open the Cydia app on your device.

Step 2. Tap Sources → Edit → Add the official Caim Repo.

Step 3. Switch to Search Tab and enter Caim.

Step 4. Tap the Install button.

Step 5. There is no option to configure

Caim tweak on iOS 13


Version 1.1.3

  • Attempt to fix a bug that some times would unpredictably double pinned conversations until restart of the app.

Version 1.1

  • Adds a function to rearrange pins. Just go into edit pins mode and drag and drop.

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed an issue that crashed the messages application as soon as you opened it if you had the Messages option "Filter Unknown Senders" on.