Xojo Download - create apps for Desktop, Web, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

General information

  • Category: Programming IDE
  • Version: 2017 r3
  • Last update: 05/12/2017
  • License: trial
  • File size: 551 MB
  • Developer: Xojo Inc.
  • OS: Windows Mac Linux
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Xojo review

Xojo is an object-oriented cross-platform development tool for ordinary people to create apps for the Desktop, Web, iOS and Raspberry Pi. With over 40 user interface controls built-in, your app will look and feel right on any platform.

Xojo IDE offers a convenient visual interface editor for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and access to a range of components for creating network applications, web, using databases and much more. You can build your app's interface by dragging and dropping interface objects onto the apps' windows and dialogs. Xojo offers controls like text, canvas, menus, buttons, progress bars, the text entry including passwords, canvas OpenGL, OLE container, video player or toolbar. All Xojo licenses give you access to new Xojo releases for a 12 month period.

Xojo is a tool designed not only to create applications desktop type, but also to create software for devices supporting iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Raspberry Pi, console applications, and platforms and websites. When creating software such desktop Xojo allows you to compile native code for all supported platforms. In Xojo also could not miss the predictive function syntax.

Among other features offered by Xojo you find the possibility to create own class, modules, links to files, containers, modules, report and much more. Environment has a built-in debugger to track code written application and correct any errors. Xojo supports database servers such as MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLlite.

Xojo Download

You can download Xojo 2017 r3 for Windows Mac, and Linux.