SoftwareLicenseFile SizeCategory
Wise Registry Cleanerfreeware3 MBSystem tools
UXTheme Multi-Patcherfreeware8 MBSystem tools
Black Bird Registry Cleanerfreeware1 MBSystem tools
Auslogics Registry Defragfreeware9 MBSystem tools
Auslogics Registry Cleanerfreeware9 MBSystem tools
WSUS Offline Updatefreeware2 MBSystem tools
Process Explorerfreeware2 MBSystem tools
XnShellfreeware1 MBSystem tools
Right Click Enhancerfreeware4 MBSystem tools
Wise Game Boosterfreeware2 MBSystem tools
Wise Memory Optimizerfreeware2 MBSystem tools
Enigma Virtual Boxfreeware7 MBVirtualization technology
VirtualBoxGNU118 MBVirtualization technology
WinUtilities Freefreeware6 MBAll-In-One Utilities
Advanced SystemCare Freefreeware38 MBAll-In-One Utilities
Wise Care 365freeware8 MBAll-In-One Utilities
Baidu PC Fasterfreeware26 MBAll-In-One Utilities
Glary Utilitiesfreeware16 MBAll-In-One Utilities
Ashampoo WinOptimizertrial26 MBAll-In-One Utilities
jv16 PowerToolstrial8 MBAll-In-One Utilities
SpeedFantrial2 MBDiagnostic and test tools
HCFR Colorimeterfreeware10 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Cinebenchfreeware105 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Geekbenchfreeware75 MBDiagnostic and test tools
ALLBenchmark Catzillafreeware523 MBDiagnostic and test tools
SSD-Zfreeware1 MBDiagnostic and test tools
GPU Caps Viewerfreeware4 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Core Tempfreeware1 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Wise System Monitorfreeware1 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Intel Processor Identification Utilityfreeware4 MBDiagnostic and test tools
CPU-Zfreeware2 MBDiagnostic and test tools
V-Ray Benchmarkfreeware148 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Check Flashfreeware1 MBDiagnostic and test tools
RMPrepUSBfreeware9 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Speccyfreeware6 MBDiagnostic and test tools
FakeFlashTestfreeware1 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Macs Fan Controlfreeware6 MBDiagnostic and test tools
Auslogics Disk Defragfreeware9 MBDisk defragmenters
WinContigfreeware1 MBDisk defragmenters
Defragglerfreeware4 MBDisk defragmenters
Total Commandershareware7 MBFile managers
Multi Commanderfreeware7 MBFile managers
Dropboxfreeware81 MBOther tools
TeamViewerfreeware11 MBOther tools
AnyToISO Litefreeware7 MBOther tools
Mountain Ducktrial82 MBOther tools
MEGASyncfreeware14 MBOther tools
Sysinternals Suitefreeware22 MBOther tools
JavaRafreeware1 MBOther tools
Type lightfreeware3 MBOther tools
FontForgeGNU18 MBOther tools
DVDFab Virtual Drivefreeware1 MBOther tools
EASEUS Partition Master Freefreeware35 MBPartition and HDD management
AOMEI Partition Assistantfreeware10 MBPartition and HDD management
CCleanerfreeware10 MBSystem and disk utilities
Wipefreeware1 MBSystem and disk utilities
Wise Disk Cleanerfreeware4 MBSystem and disk utilities
iMyfone D-Backdemo30 MBSystem and disk utilities
ImDisk Toolkitfreeware1 MBSystem and disk utilities
System Ninjafreeware3 MBSystem and disk utilities
UltDatatrial2 MBSystem and disk utilities
Black Bird Cleanerfreeware1 MBSystem and disk utilities
KCleanerfreeware2 MBSystem and disk utilities
iCareFone Cleanerfreeware17 MBSystem and disk utilities
Any Data Recovery Protrial2 MBSystem and disk utilities
EASEUS MobiSaver Freefreeware25 MBSystem and disk utilities
AOMEI Backupperfreeware83 MBSystem and disk utilities
Recuvafreeware5 MBSystem and disk utilities
Wise Data Recoveryfreeware2 MBSystem and disk utilities
Intel SSD Toolboxfreeware75 MBSystem and disk utilities