SoftwareLicenseFile SizeCategory
Acrobat Reader DCfreeware115 MBDocument viewers
Kindle for PCfreeware41 MBDocument viewers
Icecream Ebook Readerfreeware28 MBDocument viewers
Foxit Readerfreeware51 MBDocument viewers
LibreOfficeGNU270 MBOffice suites
WPS Officefreeware60 MBOffice suites
OnlyOfficeGNU130 MBOffice suites
WordPerfect Officetrial1 MBOffice suites
Microsoft Officetrial4 MBOffice suites
Ashampoo Officetrial282 MBOffice suites
Apache OpenOfficeGNU135 MBOffice suites
Inlagefreeware10 MBOther office software
ElectrumMIT13 MBOther office software
SmartFrigo Connectfreeware28 MBOther office software
Readiristrial395 MBOther office software
GreenCloud Printerfreeware16 MBOther office software
TransProtrial30 MBOther office software
Trans.eutrial30 MBOther office software
Ricoh Print&Sharetrial75 MBOther office software
Office Regeneratordemo5 MBOther office software
PretonSaver Hometrial1 MBOther office software
TimoComtrial10 MBOther office software
ABBYY FineReader Professionaltrial403 MBOther office software
PDF Shaperfreeware7 MBPDF generators and converters
doPDFfreeware57 MBPDF generators and converters
PDFCreatorfreeware29 MBPDF generators and converters
PDF Architectfreeware10 MBPDF generators and converters
Bullzip PDF Printerfreeware17 MBPDF generators and converters
PDF Transformer+trial418 MBPDF generators and converters
GS-Calctrial3 MBSpreadsheets
DramaQueen Freefreeware111 MBText editors
yWriterfreeware2 MBText editors
Final Drafttrial70 MBText editors
FocusWriterGPL33 MBText editors
BoostnoteGPL72 MBText editors
HelpNDocfreeware21 MBText editors
Fade Indemo5 MBText editors
Notepad++GPL3 MBText editors
Script Studiotrial154 MBText editors
Scrivenertrial84 MBText editors
TrelbyGNU9 MBText editors
ZenWritertrial47 MBText editors