YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform and YouTube++ is the most popular tweak for the stock iOS app. The jailbreak community created a lot of tweaks to modify the YouTube app and now you can install one of the most downloaded hacks YouTube++ without jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad.

YouTube++ is a tweaked version of the official YouTube app for iOS allowing you to watch videos in the background (useful for playing audiobooks or listen to music), download videos, and block video ads. This ++ app can be easily installed on not jailbroken devices via a weblink or sideloaded IPA file. iOS 10 - iOS 13 are supported.


Features like set video playback speed (0.5x - 2.0x), auto-replay, disable age restrictions, forward/rewind controls with custom number of sec, default playback quality, and audio player for downloaded video are also packed in ++ app.

The tweak works on the stock YouTube app and it offers all its options. Login to your account, view playlists, subscriptions, trending videos, inbox, and more. This version isn't as advanced as Cercube mod, but if you need only to activate the background playback and disable in video ads, YouTube++ is what you need.

Download IPA

AltStore can activate max 3 apps on your iPhone using the free certificate. Every 7 days after installing apps, you need to resign apps and send them to the AltServer (running on PC or Mac), which installs the resigned apps back to your device using iTunes WiFi sync (works also using a USB cable).

Step 1. Download AltStore and install the app on your PC or Mac.

Or use any other Cydia Impactor alternative for Windows or macOS.

Step 2. Open Safari and download YouTube++ IPA (92 MB).

Step 3. Select the downloaded YouTube++ IPA file version 13.02.9 to install.

Step 4. Tap on the share button available in the right corner.

Step 5. Select "Copy to AltStore" from available options.

Step 6. AltStore will start installing YouTube++.

Step 7. The YouTube++ app will be available from your home screen.

YouTube Plus Plus ++

To prevent YouTube Plus from expiring, AltStore can refresh the ++ app in the background when using the same WiFi network. The installed app will be not revoked in the least expected moment thanks to manual installation using your free Apple certificate. Remember that your computer must be on to sing IPAs.

Install YouTube Plus Plus without a computer

Be sure to remove the original from your system before you start. When you will install the premium YouTube ++ without PC it can happen that the app will stop working. The reason for this is that Apple did revoke the installed certificate. To make YouTube ++ work again you will need to remove the app and reinstall. If the links are not working, try again in the next 24h.

Step 1. Click Install YouTube++ Premium from your browser.
{mirrors: IgnitionApp, AppValley)

Step 2. Tap Install on message prompt “ would like to install YouTube++”.

Step 3. YouTube ++ Premium Icon will appear on your Home Screen.

Step 4. Navigate to Settings → General → Device Management.

Step 5. Find the newly installed Enterprise App Certificate.

Step 6. Click on the certificate name.

Step 7. Trust apps from the developer to run on your iPhone.

Step 8. Allow access to your data and tap Trust.

Step 9. Run YouTube++ app and login to your account.