WWDC 2022: New AirPods Incoming?

The AirPods have probably been one of the most successful products that Apple has released to date.

From AirPods Gen 1, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max, all of them have seen immense success in the market despite their high price range. Thus, it was only logical for Apple to upgrade its best-sellers in WWDC 2022.

The News:

If Apple announces its next earbuds, which are being referred to as AirPods Pro 2, and Apple is certain to call them AirPods Pro 2nd Gen, there is great news for people who are looking for an upgrade in audio quality. However, there are some stings in the tail also, in terms of cost.

According to the latest blog post by @LeaksApplePro, who, at the iDropNews website, offers a comprehensive overview of the things Apple will reveal at its September event, which is expected to be the next major event following the end of WWDC.

In addition to discussing the iPhone 14, there are details on the Pro iPhones due to be released as well as the Apple Watch Series 8. If you're looking for analysts, Ming-Chi Kuo's name is difficult to ignore.

Today, in a series of tweets, Kuo has shared some important details regarding the upcoming Pro AirPods. He has first said that Apple will begin production in mass quantities of AirPods Pro 2 in the second quarter of this season in Vietnam, which he calls "an excellent example of mass production of Apple's main products outside of China."

The tweets keep going. Kuo discusses moving production from one place to another and why the successful shift in production of AirPods shouldn't be viewed as being applicable to other products.

The iPhone, for instance, is a distinct product and Kuo states that "it's difficult to set up an entirely non-China production location" in the case of the smartphone. Kuo also suggests that the possibility of setting up factories that are located in Vietnam "instead of in India could reduce geopolitical risk."

However, there's his last tweet, and it's the most intriguing thing. "I think the charging case for AirPods Pro 2 will support Lightning rather than USB-C."

It's intriguing, and although it's not completely in contradiction to what @LeaksApplePro has said--check below--it's an obvious indication that people who are looking forward to the coming AirPods Pro have a different charging mechanism could end up being dissatisfied.

Discussions on the transition to USB-C on Apple products have been raging recently and are set to take place on the iPhone 15 in 2023 at the most. However, that doesn't mean that other products won't be able to make the switch prior to 2023, and AirPods Pro 2 could be a major change.

However, it is possible that Apple will make the Lightning switch to USB-C, so perhaps it's going to be the iPhone that becomes the next major device to switch connectors instead of Apple's AirPods, Magic Mouse, or even the entry-level iPad, for example. If the AirPods Pro 2 arrive as expected this fall, we'll have a little more time to wait.

However, the author reserves the most powerful superlatives for the AirPods Pro 2. They say, "The AirPods Pro 2 is the most significant innovation in wireless earbuds since the first AirPods were released in the year 2016."

It's quite a feat. One of the main reasons to love the new earbuds is the support of lossless sound, which is reported with additional details in this report. The latest report states that this can be achieved "thanks to a brand new codec that will feature a stemless design as well as the most advanced noise cancellation technology."

The design of the new earbuds is intriguing and is in line with other leaks suggesting that Apple is keen to get rid of the stalk that protrudes from your ear. It's unclear if these new headphones will debut during the September event, according to the report.

It's contingent on whether the event is live online or in person. We're not convinced that the claim is true, that online can allow for several events in a matter of months, as Apple has done it repeatedly through in-person keynotes. But we'll find out.

AirPods Pro 2 Price

The color isn't an issue, but how much? This is $50 more than the AirPods Pro. When Apple released the AirPods 3rd generation in 2013, they were priced at $179 with a wireless charging case, which was $20 more than the first-gen model that came with a wireless charging enclosure (though it's more expensive than the model with wireless charging was previously).

Also, we find the notion that Apple is going to increase prices by 50 dollars slightly odd.

Additionally, reports indicate that the new-generation AirPods are priced lower at $129, but sales of the most recent version aren't as high since customers have voted to purchase the less expensive AirPods instead.

Of course, Apple will likely not continue to offer the AirPods Pro in its current version. AirPods Pro is in the range as the new model launches, which means the buyer's dilemma will not be an issue. Instead, buyers will be able to pick between the second and third-generation versions of AirPods, including the Over-Ear AirPods Max and the brand-new AirPods Pro 2.


The highly speculated AirPods 2 might be the first-ever compact headphones from Apple to come in more than one color scheme and also bring in integrated features like CarPlay and pro noise cancellation.

With so many promises and expectations on its shoulders, the AirPods gen 2 will obviously have a great reception among supporters.

But, the only question remains will Apple be able to do something extra to please the fans?