Work with App Windows using VoiceOver

When you are using VoiceOver on Mac, there are a lot of important features to get used to. One of the most obvious features is turning the application on or off, another important feature is accessing the help menus, and so on. In this article, we will be covering the feature of how you can manage the app windows.

One thing to remember is that your desktop is majorly the window that you would be used to perform the tasks. If there is no window open for either an app or a folder, you will end up just looking at your desktop that is filled with icons. This is why it is important for using VoiceOver on Mac how to work with your app windows. You will learn how to enter or exit a full-screen window, switching between the window and your apps, resizing and moving your windows, etc.

Note: Your VoiceOver key presses begin with a VO that basically means VoiceOver modifier keys.

How to Manage your App Windows via VoiceOver

Enter and Exit Full-Screen Window

There are several Apple and other third-party applications that allow you to go into the full-screen mode where the windows take over your screen completely. If your app supports it and VoiceOver is enabled, then you can go into the full-screen mode by using the command – Control + Command + F.

Since in the full-screen mode, the Mac menu is hidden, you can access it by using the command VO + M.

For exiting the full-screen, you can use the same command – Control + Command + F. You also have an option to use Windows Chooser by giving the command – VO + F2 + F2 and then using the arrow keys to select the ‘Exit Full Screen’ option followed by ‘Return’ or ‘Space bar’ key.

Hear the Currently Running Apps

If you wish to know which apps are open when using VoiceOver, then give VO + F1 command to know which app and how many apps are currently running. You can also press on VO + F2 to hear just which app is currently active.

Switch Between Windows and Apps

If there are several windows and apps open, then you might need to switch between them which can be done using an Application Chooser or a Windows Chooser.

Via Windows Chooser

Press on VO + F2 + F2 to open the Windows Chooser and use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the windows. Click on the Return or Space bar key to access the window. Use the Left Key to return and the Escape key to exit this application.

Via Application Chooser

If you want to access the Application Chooser, then use the command VO + F1 + F1 and then use the up and down arrow keys to select the desired app. Next, the press of the Return or Space bar key to open the app and see the sub-items.

You can click on the Left arrow key to return and the Escape key to exit the Application Chooser.

Move and Resize Windows

If you multitask a lot, then you might have a lot of windows open on your Mac at a time. As a result, you might have to move them or resize them so that they can fit the screen.

Resize your Windows

For resizing the Window, press on VO + ~ buttons to show the resize menu. Here, use the Up and Down arrow keys to select the submenu and the Return or Space bar key to access it. If your window cannot be resized, then VoiceOver will inform you of the same. Once you are done with resizing, click on the Escape key to exit.

Move your Windows

For moving a Window, press the VO + ` buttons. Now, use the direction arrow keys to move your item where you want. Similarly, if the window cannot be moved, VoiceOver will let you know. And once you complete the move, click on the Escape key to go to the VoiceOver commands.


I hope this tutorial makes it easier for you to navigate the windows and the apps. If you have any more tips to share with us on how you can work with windows and apps, then do share it in the comments!