Why the glowing Apple logo is discontinued on New Generation Macbooks?

Are you a prolonged Macbook user who has used or is still using the old MacBook Airs and Pros which were released back before 2015? If the answer is yes then you might know about the grand feature of MacBooks back then - “The glowing Apple logo”.

It was a delight to watch. All one had to do was open the laptop and the evergreen Apple logo would automatically light up in a bluish hue. For years the glowing Apple logo was a trademark feature of MacBook and users used to love it. But, all of it was gonna change in the year 2015.

In 2015, Apple CEO - Tim Cook released the brand new MacBook to the worldwide audience. It had a better screen resolution, Dolby-Atmos speakers, a new keyboard layout, and better processing speeds than its predecessors. But, it didn’t house the glowing Apple logo. Rather a silver-finished Apple Logo was introduced on the back of a MacBook.

People were shocked by this. The glowing Apple logo had been an integral part of a MacBooks design for over two decades and now it was all gone. So, what really happened? Why did Apple exclude such a great feature from its laptops?

Today we will talk just about that in this article. Let’s begin.

What Apple had to say

As soon as the backlashes came Apple came out to the public and unveiled their reasons for excluding the Glowing Apple Logo. According to them,

  • The Glowing Apple Logo consumed a lot of power, it had a brightness of 60 nits and thus, needed a continuous power supply. Plus it wasn’t sturdy enough unlike the whole chassis. The glowing Apple logo was made of translucent plastic which meant it could be broken with ample force.
  • The glowing Apple logo would make it harder to use a MacBook outdoors. As the logo was made of translucent materials it would often let sunlight enter through its hole and that made the laptop hot.
  • You could see subtle hotspots appearing on the screen due to the backlight of the Apple logo which caused color inaccuracy on the display of the Macbooks thus, Apple had to completely seal off any cutouts on the front panel to prevent this phenomenon.
  • The Glowing Apple logo paired with the thin MacBook chassis would often cause structural failures on the old devices. Thus, removing the logo was the only option available.
  • Lastly, the new-gen MacBooks were nearly 26% thinner than their predecessors which meant they had to pack a huge punch in a much thinner form factor. Thus, removing the Glowing Apple logo would solve a lot of problems regarding power consumption, structural rigidity, and more.

What do tech experts have to say?

According to the global tech community, the glowing Apple logo was introduced as an initiative for Apple to come back in the market during the 1990s. Back then Steve Jobs was reinstated as the CEO of the company and he planned out a rigorous marketing campaign in which the glowing logo reminded people about the existence of the brand and how it still made some really great devices.

But, with time Apple no longer needed this aggressive campaigning so they moved away from this strategy by removing the old Glowing Apple Logo and thus, began a new chapter in the history of Apple computing devices.


As of now, it has been six years since we have bid our goodbyes to the Glowing Apple Logo but, it still remains fresh in our hearts. But, slowly people have got used to the more simple and subtle Apple logo.

Will it ever come back?
- It’s hard to guess something so big. But, if it does, nobody will be any happier than us.

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