Why iPads lack a dedicated Calculator App?

Are you are iPad user?

If you are, go ahead and try to find the calculator app on your device. You’ll be shocked to see that no iPadOS version actually has a dedicated Calculator App.

Shocked right? So, were we.

Thus, we went out on a quest to find the answer and to our astonishment the answer we found shocked us even more. So, Do you want to know it?

If yes, then continue reading this article.

The History of Calculator App with iOS

The Calculator App is like any other special utility app that you can find in any mobile operating system. Its principal is extremely simple. It performs exhaustive, long calculations in a limited time saving the users time and energy.

Did you know:- The revolution of computers and other complex electronic devices was only possible after the development of the modern-day Calculator. The problem-solving algorithm of the Calculator has been the building block of all modern devices we see in the present day.

Thus in this way the Calculator is like the Godfather of modern technology.

When the first-ever Apple computers were released the Calculator App was one of its major selling points. It featured a matrix-like indentation of numbers that could be accessed with either the mouse or keyboard.

As Apple moved from the path of computing devices to handheld devices the Calculator App made its progress. But, one simple mistake by a developer cost the abolishment of the Calculator App from iPad. Forever!

The Unknown Tale

When the first-ever iPad was being developed under Steve Jobs. The whole workforce of Apple was putting head over heels to develop the new display modules that could completely fit the extended dimensions of the iPads display.

This meant every display driver and system apps now had to be reconfigured and redesigned to fit seamlessly with the new device.

During the very final stages of development when Jobs finally took a look at the iPadOS he was pleased with all the improvements made but, he was just not happy with the Calculator App. Apparently the developers were so busy reorganizing the other system apps they completely overlooked the Calculator App and during the final stages, they simply put the Calculator App design specifically for iOS into this new Operating System.

Now the Calculator App was looking very mismatched for the iPad. So, Jobs told his developers to not put in a Calculator App in the first-ever iPadOS. Since then iPadOS remains the only mobile Operating System that does not have a crucial utility App like Calculator.

Why was the error not corrected?

There are many answers to this question.

Some say after Jobs nobody really thought about it. While others tell, despite this flaw nobody actually complained about the inclusion of this app thus, Apple never bothered to include it on their later versions. Plus, the Voice Assistant itself can make calculations so, there's no need for a dedicated Calculator App.

According to us, Apple didn’t really want to take the extra effort. Designing a utility App is often a challenging task plus, given the initial success of the first iPad they really didn’t think it was needed after all.

At the end of the day. If someone really wants a Calculator app they can download one directly from the App Store.

Will Calculator ever make a comeback?

Every day new and more amazing things are happening in the world of Tech. Take the new MacBook Pro 2021 for example. The ports were removed from the device over half a decade ago but Apple has eventually brought them back on public demand. Thus, it will be a shock if the 2022 or later iPads eventually bring back the Calculator.

But, on a more analytical note. The absence of the Calculator App wasn’t and still isn’t a factor that bothers a lot of people. So, there is a very good chance that Apple might keep the Calculator absent from iPads.

Final Words

And there goes the story about Apple and the absent Calculator App.

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