Why does your iPhone perform so well at a lower charge?

Has your iPhone ever dropped to 1%?

Did you notice that this last 1% stays on for much longer than you expected? In case, any charge below 5% stays way longer than higher percentages. But, Why?

Today we are going to get to the bottom of this mystery and tell you why and how.

So, put on your earning caps as it’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

Let Us Begin...

The long asked question

Often iPhone users have encountered a weird phenomenon while using their devices at a lower charge.

For starters, the device stays awake longer at lower charges than in the 80s or 90s.

Also, the last 1% stays longer than you would have ever imagined.

So, why does it happen? Is it a feature of iPhones?

Well, not particularly. This low-charge, super-performance phenomenon is common in every smartphone you see. Whether, it be Android, iOS, or anything else. All devices always overperform at lower charges.

The Reason

The whole low-charge, super-performance concept is based on the principle of electric discharge from your iPhone’s battery.

You see, the iPhone and all other smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries to store charges in form of moving electronic pulses. Now, this electronic pulse cannot be calculated by normal metric units. If you consider a car, the gas you use on the vehicle can be calculated as it has mass and occupies space. But, none of that is applicable for electricity.

Thus, a more complex method. Which is an amped-up version of Gauss’s law.

Gauss’s Law states that the electric flux( stored charge) in a close cell is directly equal/ proportional to the total charge of the device divided by the charging content. And this same law is used to calculate the battery percentage of all mobiles ever produced to date.

Often this method is incapable to calculate how of stary charge is moving in the low-powered Lithium-ion battery thus, the last 1-5% you see might have more electronic force than the 90-100% or, 80-90% on your device.

Why is this law not updated?

Gauss’s Law is not updated( for mobile devices) cuz not modern law can give battery and more quick solutions to the problem.
Thus, Gauss’s Law is unchanged and sustainable, even for the years to come.

Plus, this flaw in the native method often acts like a pre-caution catalyst for the iPhone that helps to inform the user to power the device long before it’s actually gonna die so that the original capacity and health of the battery can be safeguarded.

Final Words

And just like that, we have uncovered another mystery of your iPhone.

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