Why do iPhones have Higher Resale Value than other Smartphones?

Selling old devices for a good price is often a tough job.

Resale Values of devices drop substantially after just being unboxed and the final resale prices of old electronics too vary a lot of condition, brand, and age of the device. But, if you ever visit any leading reselling website like eBay you will be shocked to see the difference in reselling prices of Apple vs any other brand in the world.

So, in today’s article, we want to tackle a long-asked question. Why does the iPhone have such high resale value?

Why do iPhones have higher resale value?

The latest depreciation report from BankMyCell provides details on the amount of value lost to various types of devices for a few years. Because it is an electronics recycling and resale aggregation and comparison website, the firm that generated the study has access to a great quantity of connected data. It allows users to see how much worth their smartphone has and compare buyback offers from various retailers.

The report reveals the fact that the iPhone generally only loses 16.7% of its value after using it for a year. Android phones, on the other hand, have a 33.6 percent price drop after a year of use. Two years later, the drop is almost double that amount, at 35.5 percent for the iPhone and 62.5 percent for Android. After using it for four years, with 66.4 percent of the iPhone's value being lost, as well as 81.1 percent for Android smartphones on average.

One reason the iPhone has been able to hold its value for this long could be since it launches new iPhone technology only once a year. This means that the iPhone buyer has access to the top Apple technology, in their price range and for the entire year, until it's overtaken by the latest model. Certain Android phone makers release new phones each month and also incorporate new technologies all through the year.

Another reason that the iPhone holds its buyback value for longer may be due to the exclusive operating system the iOS.

Apple is the sole maker of the iPhone and the Apple processor, which is capable of operating iOS and iPhone applications. Comparing the iPhone against any other smartphone must be accompanied by a statement that the ecosystem makes the comparison useless. This isn't the case with Android handsets because they all run the identical operating system, identical technology, and similar applications. This is the beauty and downside of Android. It is the reason that each month, an Android phone could be replaced by a new version.

Best websites to resell an iPhone


Cashify has become a renowned platform that allows you to purchase and sell used phones. You can make use of this platform to sell your old mobile phone or any other device to get instant cash. They pay you instantly and can arrange a free pick-up. The service is available in many cities. If you're looking to buy an old laptop or phone, they will also offer the same service with a 6-month warranty. If you wish to sell an iPhone, this is one of the best sites that offers you good cash for your used iPhone.

Apple iPhone Trade-In Program

Apple's Trade-In Program is another way to sell your phone, whether online or in person. After answering a few questions regarding the state of your phone, Apple will provide you with an estimate of how much they believe the value of your iPhone has. Much like the Apple user experience, disposing of the old device through Apple's Trade-In Program is easy. Simply bring your device in for an assessment, and you will be provided with an estimate. If you're pleased with what Apple provides, they will provide you with the Apple gift card, and you're on your way.


SellCell isn't your normal resale store for second-hand phones. They function more as a search engine by comparing the amount you could earn by selling your old iPhone to different trade-in and buyback programs. You'll need to provide some device information, and SellCell locates the top trade-in websites for you. Be aware that even though this may sound good, you're dealing with an online buyback or trade-in site, which means you're not getting the same amount of money as selling directly.


Like many of the other websites that are listed, Decluttr is a business that buys and sells old phones. To get this done, go to the "Sell My iPhone" tab, and you will receive a quote for your device in just a few minutes by entering the details of the model and condition. Then, when you send the device to Decluttr, and they evaluate it, and if it's in the same conditions you described to them, you will get the money.