Why Apple is not Providing Chargers with New Devices.

It’s always a bit suspicious when someone tries to take away something necessary from you and then tries to convince you that it’s for your own benefit. Right? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with new generation iPhones. The last released model of iPhone 12 and later versions did not come with a power brick and eventually, everyone was a little pissed at first. Everyone opposed this new marketing strategy of Apple by saying, “It’s just a bad marketing campaign to draw out more money from users who have been using iPhones for years”.

So, If you are one of those people who support this cause then, your disappointment is justified.

A mobile phone without a power source is just a metal brick that is unable to do anything. We all know chargers are a key element of smartphone setup and not including them in the retail package of the iPhone is somehow wrong from Apple’s side. As per reports, other prominent mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung (with their new S21 and S21 ultra) and Xiaomi(with their new Xiaomi 11) have also adapted to this same method of selling charger-less devices to customers.

So, what’s the reason behind this sudden behavior by major smartphone manufacturers? Is it just a trial-and-error phase of marketing or does a bigger conspiracy lie beneath all of this? Here in this article, we will take a deep look at this matter and try to provide you the most plausible explanation of - Why Apple and other major smartphone manufacturers don’t provide chargers with new devices.

What do the manufacturers have to say?

As per Apple and other global smartphone giants, the real reason they are not providing any charger with their new devices is to reduce the number of plastic wastes produced and to protect the environment.

As of 2021, around 41% of plastic wastes that are found in dumpsters around the world consist of electronic wastes and this number is growing at a staggering rate. Within the next few decades, electronic wastes will comprise around 65-75% of all plastic wastes globally.

But, this statement got us thinking. Is not providing a charger actually going to conserve and save the environment?

Yes, in the face of it shipping a phone without a charger would mean:

  • Manufacturers can use a smaller box, thus saving essential raw materials like paper and natural dyes.
  • Users will not be victims of using one more power brick which could one day be thrown away at some landfill.
  • It would reduce the overall cost of production and thus, buyers will have to pay slightly less for their smartphones.

But, as soon as a company decides to not send a charger with their phones it creates numerous knock-on effects like:
People will now have to buy new chargers for their devices from other producers.
If people are using the old chargers they will not get satisfactory charging speeds on them. Some old chargers might not be compatible with newer versions of smartphones.
Chargers don’t last forever. On paper, a charger has half the expected life of a smartphone thus, users might have to buy new chargers once their old ones show signs of wearing off.
Now smartphone manufacturers can produce new chargers along with their latest versions of smartphones and sell them for double or triple the expected price and users will still have to buy them.
If you buy a charger from any other retailer like Amazon then, they will send it with extra packaging, and raw materials thus, organic materials will be wasted indefinitely.

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What’s the Future?

First, the headphone was excluded, now the chargers. Within a few years, we might even see companies excluding the back covers and power chords they provide with smartphones. All of this for the sake of - “saving the environment”.

Did this new change affect the sales of smartphones?

Get ready for it!!

Apple, despite facing numerous backlashes sold more than 100 million units. This attracted the interests of other global manufacturers and they too started selling their smartphones without a charger and power cable.

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The real reason behind this behavior of Apple

New iPhone models are all equipped with wireless charging and Apple is trying to promote their new line of MagSafe Chargers through this bold marketing campaign. Like always Apple wants to create a legacy that others will be following.


We know this may upset a lot of people but human beings are built in such a way that we oppose any change at its first glimpse. Everyone mocked Galileo Galilei when he spoke about science during his time but, as time passed people accepted the facts and now he is one of the best minds to ever lived. So, it all comes down to time. We need more time to get used to it!

As of now, wireless charging is not at its peak because:

  • To run a wireless charger you will have to buy a power brick thus, adding more cost to your already costly method of charging.
  • In wireless charging the electricity needs to pass from 6-7 different layers of materials to juice up a device thus, it is highly inefficient.
  • Wireless charging consumers double the power in comparison to your wired charger and also produce more heat.

But, with time wireless charging will only be getting better and more efficient and users will get accustomed to this strategy and things will go back to where they belong. So giddy up and start looking for a MagSafe or similar charger that is compatible with your iPhone.

As the future is here and it’s time to upgrade.

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