WhatsApp Storage Management

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging app, has recently rolled out new and simple methods to manage your storage space that is occupied by videos, photos, voice messages, and so on.

Earlier, you would have to delete the items to free up the storage space but now, it is simpler and easier to free up your storage. This new setting is available on WhatsApp Settings – Storage and Data – Manage Storage option. With this feature, it is quite easy to review the attachments, delete them in bulk, and easily free up space that was taken up by WhatsApp media files. There is also a video released by WhatsApp that shows this simple process.

You will find that the major WhatsApp files that take up space on your smartphone are listed at the top. And you will also find the media files and attachments that have been shared and forwarded the most. Just select all the files that you wish to delete in a single move and you can even preview the selected files before hitting the Delete button.

If you wish to use this feature, then update WhatsApp on your iPhone and enjoy the effective storage-management feature. In case you don’t see the new feature, no need to worry. WhatsApp is slowly rolling out the new features so it may take some time. Just check your WhatsApp later to find the new storage-management option in the settings.

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