What to do if your iPhone’s battery is swollen

Are you are iPhone user?

If yes, did you know your iPhone is more susceptible to getting a swollen battery than being broken by a fall? Surprised, Right. But, don’t worry cuz where there’s a problem there’s a solution.

In today’s article, we will tell you what you can do if your iPhone’s battery is swollen.

What causes a swollen battery in an iPhone?

A swollen battery is mostly caused by one and only one reason - Overcharging of the device.

You see, your iPhone uses a modern-day Lithium0ion battery that needs to discharge before you try to recharge it again. Every time you force-feed charge to a Lithium-ion battery its performance suffers.

At the initial stages, the problem can be as small as a few seconds of less screen time but with time the problem grows bigger. Incapability to charge follows the shortened screen time. In this case, your iPhone will not be able to charge itself even though you keep it plugged into a charger for hours.

The final stage of this cycle is the swelling of the battery. Right now the Lithium-ions inside the battery are overfed with charge thus, each cell swells up causing the battery to puff up.

How to know if my iPhone’s battery is swollen?

You will know your iPhone’s battery is swollen if you notice any of these symptoms.

  • The screen of the device is building out.

  • The screen is being unresponsive towards the center.
  • The charging cycles are taking much lesser than expected.
  • The battery is exhausting surprisingly fast.
  • The device is not charging properly.’

If the device is suddenly weighing slightly more than it should weigh.

What to do if my iPhone battery is swollen?

1. Purchase a new battery for the device

The most common thing that people do with swollen iPhone is changing their battery.

Any user can use their Apple Plus service and get approval for a new battery change in the device. Usually, a battery with a similar or higher capacity is placed in the device.

But, sometimes the problem becomes so worse that a battery change just doesn’t make any difference. In such cases, disposing of the device is the only option.

2. Dispose of the device

This step can be taken when the whole device is malfunctioning due to the swollen battery.

An iPhone is a pretty small device where every component is very tightly fitted. A sudden change in dimensions of a component usually causes other components to suffer thus, a swollen battery often comes with a few other problems like display problems, low power input/output via the charging pins, etc.

In such grave cases, disposing of the device is the only suitable option.

Note: Be sure to dispose of the iPhone with a certified Tech-disposal service.

3. Discard the device and throw away the battery separately.

Sometimes iPhone batteries can get so swollen up that they might become a fire or radioactive hazard.

In such cases let the battery exhaust and dispose of the device and the battery separately.

Note: Be sure to dispose of the iPhone with a certified Tech-disposal service.

To prevent swelling of batteries

  • Be sure to never use a charge that has a significantly higher voltage than the device’s original charger.
  • Be sure to follow the 80-20 rule. Only charge the device when it reaches 20% and does not charge more than 80%.
  • Do not keep your iPhone plugged in to a wall charger or power bank at all times.
  • Restart your device every now and then.
  • Do not let your iPhone’s battery exhaust completely at regular intervals.
  • Do not keep multiple high-resource-consuming apps open in the background.

Final Words

By this to come to an end on- What you can do with a swollen iPhone.

Hope we could be of some help to you. Good Day!