There are a lot of us out there who love the native Dark Mode feature on the iPhone and iPad and while a lot of apps do include this feature, there are many web pages that don’t.

So, if you also like to use the Dark Mode on your iPhone or iPad and don’t like the ultra-bright pages that you have to encounter when using this mode, then you should check out this new and free jailbreak tweak known as WebShade that was developed by iOS developer WilsontheWolf.

You can call WebShade as the universal Dark Mode for the web pages that you tend to visit in your favorite web browser. This jailbreak tweak works well with several web browsers and works great with both the native Safari app and the Google Chrome app that you can get from the App Store.

The main change that you would see after installing WebShade is that the background of the web page will turn dark gray rather than the plain white color. As a result, it becomes easier and more convenient to read the text on the pages and it works well with your iPhone and iPad’s native Dark Mode feature as well if you are using it.

Although this is not a new concept and we have had other tweaks such as Nebula, Deluminator, etc. that provided the same functionality. However, the only problem is that these two jailbreak tweaks are paid while WebShade is actually free.

WebShade works amazingly for most websites but since it is a free tweak, it does have a few limitations and drawbacks. Firstly, there are no configuration options available in WebShade as is the case with Nebula or Deluminator and secondly, it doesn’t work well with every web page as well. In a few cases, you might come across a few web pages that aren’t compatible with this tweak due to the web design.

However, you can give WebShade a try as it supports a lot of popular web pages and is most likely to work for your frequently visited web pages as well. If you want to try out WebShade, then you can down this free jailbreak tweak from WilsontheWolf’s personal repository using the favorite package manager. This tweak is supported on jailbroken iOS and iPadOS 13 and 14 devices. Also, it is open source so you can check out the source code on the Github page to understand how this jailbreak tweak works.

Do you plan to make your web pages Dark mode compatible too or not? Let us know in the comments below!