WaterField launches new leather keychain, a luggage tag for AirTag

WaterField designs have been widespread, and most recently, they have found their great leather keychain and luggage tag for Apple's AirTag tracking accessory. New AirTag many qualities and features that will surely make you fall in love with it!

Don't know what an AirTag is? Why should you get one for yourself and more? Find out everything about WaterField's AirTag luggage tag in this article and explore its unique designs and features yourself ASAP. So, let's get started!

What is WaterField's new AirTag?

WaterField's AirTag keychain is a petal-shaped pouch that efficiently secures accessory to a set of keys. It has its latest design crowdsourced from more than 1200 customers and is crafted from full-grain leather material. It is available for many customers in different colors also. According to WaterField, AirTag shall be protected from scratches and hide from thieves or culprits.

This is a fit for the Apple AirTag tracking accessory. The accessory is attached with a metal screw fastener, and it allows easy removal; the pouch has almost 9 holes which allows AirTags sound alerts to pass through. Along with this new accessory, WaterField also revealed a luggage tag with a custom pocket to hold an AirTag.

This luggage tag includes steel wire, and it keeps it secured to a bag as well as an address card. Like the keychain accessory, the luggage tag has holes that allow sound to pass through as well. The WaterField's AirTag keychain retails for $25 and ships fast.

However, the AirTag luggage costs $49 and ships a little in delay.

Structure of AirTag:

The AirTag Luggage Tag consists of layers of rugged leather that are firmly bonded with one other. It forms a pocket in which AirTag is placed securely. This tag attaches with a strong 1.5mm stainless steel wire that threads through the metal grommet. It is perforated perfectly in holes in the form of a diamond pattern, and therefore, it allows sound to travel through built-in speakers.

An address-included card or any other business card can be slid behind a clear window that is covered by a secure leather flap. WaterField is also exploring ideas to offer something better and different from typical polycarbonate AirTag holders. WaterField's designs are traditional looking and the keychain accessory.

Users are waiting to use the AirTags while also being curious about its performance. Moreover, AirTag is a great deal to use, and one can get it for themselves. Available in red, blue, orange, and black, you can select a variant that suits your personality and like. The leather AirTag is available for orders, so folks can place theirs today and enjoy using it!


The new leather keychain by WaterField is an amazing innovation. It is amazing for those who are travel enthusiasts, and it protects the tracker involved. Available at impressive and affordable prices, grab on the new AirTag today, and let us know your experience with it!