WatchOS 8.3: What's New?

Apple has rolled out watchOS 8.3, the company's second significant upgrade to the watchOS 8 operating system, which debuted in September.

So, here’s an article showcasing everything new about the WatchOS 8.3

WatchOS 8.3: What's New?

Apple launched watchOS 8.3, which is the third major version of the watchOS 8.3 operating system that was first released in September.

WatchOS 8.3 comes nearly one month following the launch of watchOS 8.1. the introduction of watchOS 8.1, and it isn't known why Apple has not released version 8.2.

WatchOS 8.3 is available for download at no cost through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone by selecting General > software update.

The Apple Watch must have at least 50% battery life to install the new software. It must also be placed on a charging station and be within proximity to the iPhone.

The WatchOS 8.3 update works with the Apple Watch Series 3 and after, just like the other updates to watchOS 8.

Apple's release notes for watchOS 8.3 include support for only voice commands in the Apple Music voice plan, specifically designed to let users request Siri to play Apple Music tracks, stations, playlists, and playlists.

The update also adds the ability to support the App Privacy Report. It detects when apps can access sensitive data or sensors that are blocked through privacy settings, like location data. And resolves an issue that can result in notifications interrupting mindfulness sessions abruptly.

Features of watchOS 8.3

Two new additions have been mentioned in the notes on the release. However, we expect to discover other improvements too. If you find any new feature that isn't mentioned in the article, you can let us know in the comments section.

1. The Apple Music Voice Plan is a brand new and less expensive membership that permits members to access the Apple Music Library. You can add songs to your Apple Music Library with the help of Siri.

2. App privacy report support has also been added. It lets watchOS 8.3 collect data and access sensors and share the data with iOS 15 to create an even more detailed report.

3. Updated battery-saving options to make the battery last longer.

How to download WatchOS 8.3?

Like the previous versions, the latest version is accessible over-the-air through the Watch app for the iPhone:

  • In the My Watch option, you will find General and then Software Update.
  • Click Download and Install and then wait for a while till watchOS 8.3 is downloaded and installed on your watch.

Note: For the installation process to begin, you'll need your Apple Watch to be snapped onto its MagSafe puck, connected to the nearby iPhone, and also connected to the Wi-Fi connection!

The WatchOS 8.3 Update file for the update is 345 MB.