Vinculum2 Jailbreak

Vinculum 2 changes how you access the App Library on jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

If you are an iPhone user, you must have been familiar with the App Library. App Library is the panel present on the right side of the Home Screen that contains the installed app on your Apple device.

Now you can remove the unwanted apps from the App Library without uninstalling them from the system. But there are a lot of features we are missing on the App Library to make it more organized and interactive to use.

With that in mind, a new jailbreak tweak named Vinculum 2 is developed by William Vabarinskas. The jailbreak tweak will allow you to reorganize the apps on the home screen. Now, you will get an app drawer like android on your smartphone.

What is there in Vinculum 2?

With Vinculum 2, you can now extend the App Library to the bottom of the iPhone. Like an android phone, you can pull up the app Library to access the icons. It is exactly like the Vinculum tweak. Also, you'll find the search bar on the drawer for searching the apps.

It also disables the original App Library of the device to avoid redundancy of the apps on the home screen. It has made the user experience interesting.

How to configure Vinculum 2 in jailbreak iPhones?

Once you have installed the jailbreak tweak Vinculum 2:

1. Go to the Settings app on your Apple device.

2. You'll find a dedicated section for Vinculum 2.

3. There is a list of options available for the jailbreak application:-

a. Toggle the enable and disable of Vinculum 2.
b. Show the Search First bar.
c. Apply changes after modification.

The best part about the app is you can configure the application with just a click without doing any additional work of relocating the apps.

How to get the new Vinculum 2 for Jailbroken iPhones?

If you want to download the Vinculum 2 app for your phone. Go to the Packix repository and download the application.

You can install it via any package manager.

The application costs $0.99 for iPhone devices.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, Jailbroken iPhones get a lot of additional applications and widgets which can be customized as per the needs, unlike a normal iPhone. However, jailbreaking an iPhone is a lot of tasks. Once you miss any steps, you lose your phone right away. There is a legal violation after Jailbreaking a phone. But if you have one, you will enjoy all the customized and third-party system applications on your phone. That not only make your phone looks good, but also you can change it from time to time without waiting for any Apple system upgrade.

Did you like the new Vinculum 2 on your phone? Is it interesting to use your phone as an Android app drawer? Once you get well acquainted with the new app drawer, you'll be saying a final goodbye to the default App Library of your phone.