Verizon offers complimentary overnight shipping for online Apple orders

Smartphones are hot selling devices. The Latest and the most advanced smartphones are a desire of everyone. However, everyone hates to stand in long waiting lines to get their hands on them. If you are also someone who hates it, too, then Verizon is a place for you!

Verizon has super exciting offers and deals for everyone. One can quickly get deals on Apple iPhones and all Apple orders. On Verizon, one can not only get smartphone devices but also deals on smartwatches and accessories and more. Find your best deals on versions and explore for more. Find all the details in this article and grab them as soon as possible!

Latest Verizon offers and deals you do not want to miss:

If you are looking for the latest smartphone deals, then there is nothing better than Verizon. On Verizon, one can easily find deals on the latest smartphones like iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro, and more. Get up to $1000 towards the best smartphones on Verizon. Just trade in your old or damaged smartphones and get a new 5G upgraded device. Select the trade-in you want and select a suitable plan. That’s all you need to do!

On Verizon, you can also get a brand-new Samsung Galaxy A42 smartphone 5G for just $5/mo. Grab this one with an unlimited plan. Samsung galaxy has some efficient features that give an ultimate user experience. Getting a Samsung Galaxy at such a price is an affordable deal and a non-miss-out. If you are looking for an offer that can give you your next phone for free, Verizon has it covered for you! on Verizon, get your next new smartphone for free. Trade-in is not required at all, and you select from the latest models.

Few models under this scheme that are sure to blow your mind are the Apple iPhone XR, 24 months on 0% APR, and a retail price of just $499.99. Motorola one 5G UW starting at $0.00/mo. Get it for 24 months at 0%APR and a retail price of $549.99. Similarly, one can try deals on Apple iPhone SE and Apple iPhone 12 mini.

Why should I choose Verizon?

The first and foremost reason which is the center of attraction about Verizon is that you get free overnight shipping for your iPhone purchases and the best deals on them. Imagine placing an order in the evening and receiving a gift at your doorstep in the morning! Notable, isn’t it? This policy is available on smartphones and devices whose order is placed before 10 pm ET for U.S. citizens. Orders placed between Monday to Friday shall be entertained, subject to availability in inventory.


To get the best deals and overnight shipping on smartphone devices, look no further when you have Verizon. On Verizon, find the best deals on the latest Apple devices, smartwatches, and accessories and enjoy it on your doorstep in a few hours. Grab the offers from Verizon today!