Users angry on Apple for new Emojipedia update!!

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Republicans are enraged towards Apple, for an emoji.

Yes, you read that right. An Emoji

It all started with the new emoji-encyclopedia Emojipedia released in September 2021. Emojipedia was brought to iOS in an attempt to make iMessage more fun for everyone, and it did work out. People loved the new emojis and everything was going fine.

Until Apple thought it was time to bring on a few new emojis, and that one single step might have pissed off thousands of people around the globe.

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The News:

Republicans, as well as their allies in the media on the weekend, were critical of Apple over the weekend for its release of a new emoji that depicts the image of a man who is pregnant.

Apple has released the image as the design of the iOS replacement. However, emojis may be a result of the functionality on Android devices that will be included in the coming replacement, and also on various services later in 2022.

The responses offer the most recent facet of the old conflict that is currently raging between liberals and conservatives.

Sean Spicer, who served as White House Press Secretary to Donald Trump and currently hosts an event about the left-wing Newsmax community, was mocked by the emoji.

He has written, "In my college, I have satisfied the science requirement by taking geology as a subject.

However, now I see what I missed. Those biology classes would have surely helped me explain the new pregnant man emojis."

Rep. Lauren Boebert, who is a Colorado Republican, used the discharge of an emoji to poke fun at the controversy over Joe Rogan's podcast's promotion of COVID false information on Spotify.

"The exact same week the Left is asking to cancel @JoeRogan because of "misinformation," Apple creates a pregnant man Emoji. It's impossible, "she stated.

The previous month, Fox News host Tucker Carlson devoted a portion of his most popular show to the Emoji. Carlson declared that the launch of the world of emojis was an act of "disinformation."

In our real-world world, males can easily fall pregnant if they do not take the proper precautions. So keep an eye out for yourself, men. It's possible that it will happen to you, "he remarked with a laugh.

The brand new emoji set includes an emoji representing pregnant women without a specific gender, which was made available by Apple last week as the beta version of Apple's iOS 15.4 software that replaces

The decision to add Emojis was taken through the Unicode Consortium. This non-profit organization oversees the way characters are displayed online, along with the release of new Emojis.

Jeremy Burge, the founding father of Emojipedia who is a participant in several Unicode meetings, wrote on July 20, 2021, that these new symbols reflect the idea that "pregnancy is possible for some transgender men and non-binary people."

Republicans have long rallied in opposition to rights for transgender and other non-binary people.

Wisconsin Republicans recently released an act to restrict the age at which gender-affirming surgery procedures could be conducted.

It's just one of the many kinds of payments being promoted by Republicans at the state level to restrict entry to gender-confirming surgical procedures and to stop transgender teens from participating in certain sports competitions.