Upcoming Apple Watches in 2022

While we are still several months away from the brand new Apple Watch's debut, rumors have been swirling for quite some time.

As opposed to last year, we're expected to get at least two new Apple Watches from Apple by 2022.

Here's a look at what we might see from Apple's collection of wearable technology this autumn.

Apple Watch SE 2

We've only seen or heard about the brand new Apple Watch SE. Apple indeed has plans to update its mid-range watch, which was first announced in September of 2020.

It will be introduced with Series 6. However, the current Apple Watch SE has specifications that are similar to those of the Apple Watch Series 5. Is it possible that the Apple Watch SE 2 has the specifications and style of the Series 7 and debuts alongside the Series 8?

The renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and the well-known analyst Bloomberg's Mark Gurman both reported that Apple is planning to launch an upgraded version of its accessible Apple Watch SE. We've heard so far that what we can expect to see is an updated processor and the inclusion of health features that are new to the lineup.

Although the SE has the most features of the Series 7, some features aren't included. With the smaller bezels, it is the only model in Series 7 that has a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as an on-demand Retina display. It also comes with ECG capabilities and sensors for blood oxygen. It is possible that this ECG, along with the sensor for blood oxygen, could be integrated into the Apple Watch SE 2.

As someone who has the Apple Watch SE as well and isn't using many of the health-related options, we'd prefer to have Apple make a change to SE 2.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 7 was launched in October of the previous year. It is expected that we will get Series 8 in the fall of this year. Series 8 will be released in the autumn of next year. Kuo stated in the past that it was likely that the Apple Watch Series 7 would be a major overhaul.

This watch was expected to come with smooth sides as well as straight edges. Apple did have to endure delays in production due to this brand new and complex design, but it was never made available in Series 7. Instead, this new design might be coming in Series 8.

A note from an investor that was seen on 9to5Mac said that the 8th version of the Apple Watch could have temperature management capabilities. This feature would allow users to monitor their body temperature with the Apple Watch. Mark Gurman mentioned this feature in the "Power On" newsletter.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple is also working on monitoring blood pressure, advanced sleep tracking, and the ability to monitor blood glucose levels on the Apple Watch. Watch The date isn't specified, nor is the series in which these features will be announced.

Alongside a redesign and new health-related features, it is likely expected that Series 8 will also have health features. The Series 8 would have the S8 chip, the same way as it did in the Series 7. It has the S7 chip as well as that of the Series 6, the S6, and so on.

Except for the Solo Loop bands, which aren't compatible with any Apple Watch model prior to the Series 4, Apple had backed all prior bands with every generation of the Apple Watch, such as the Series 7, so there was no reason to believe the Series 8 would deviate from that trend. The Series 7 watch came in a new set of colors, but no new band types were introduced.

In 2016, Apple released the new Apple Watch in the early fall. It's almost certain that the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE will launch between September and October.

We're expecting the price to remain the same, and Series 8 starting at $399 and the SE priced at $279. The tougher model is likely to cost more. However, we'll need to know more about the price.

Rugged Apple Watch

There are rumors that Apple may be considering an extra-durable version of the technological wearable. Bloomberg previously said that this model would be dubbed the "Explorer Edition" and would come with shock resistance and an exterior that is more secure.

Though this hasn't yet been realized, it will likely only please the needs of a small percentage of Apple customers-there is no information on when or when it might be released.