Universal Control 2.0: What can we expect?

In the fourth beta version of iOS 15.4, Apple introduced a universal control feature to iOS.

But, already some rumors about the 2.0 version of Universal Control are seeping through the cracks. And, here’s everything we could find about it.

The News:

The fourth and fifth iOS 15.4 betas were made available on Tuesday for developers to test. The latest developer beta has a gender-neutral voice on Siri, along with alerts against stalking in AirTags.

Other features in the iOS 15.4 beta include new emoji, Face ID updates, and more. The iOS 15.4 betas comprise the introduction of new emojis, updates for Face ID, and the long-awaited launch of Universal Control.

iOS 15.4 will be the next version to follow iOS 15.3.1, which was released earlier in the month to fix security vulnerabilities on iPhones as well as iPads.

The name suggests that iOS 15.4 represents the fourth major version of iOS 15, which was launched with the iPhone 13 in September.

The updates, which began with December's iOS 15.1 version, bring new capabilities to the iPhone's operating system, as well as update existing ones.

As with any OS beta release, we advise using the device you test on and not using your main iPhone. Beta versions are meant to check for bugs and stability, which means that they're not as optimized as the final versions.

As a result, you'll likely see lower battery usage and more instability in the application.

What UniverSal Control 2.0 can bring?

As of now, there have been very limited leaks and rumors about Universal Control 2.0 but, here are 3 things that you might see in it.

1. Better connectivity with devices over long and short distances.

Right now the universal control has a very small and limited range. But, with the release of the new 2.0 version, the dexterity of the whole option will be modified so that it can connect even via longer distances.

2. Updated UI

The Universal Control UI is very simple and minimalist. And that’s great.

But, when it comes to stock apps Apple always prefers a bit of flair to stand out from the competition. Thus, the 2.0 version might come will better UI and aesthetics.

3. New Features

The Universal Control is pretty bare bones.

You connect, you use the cursor of one device to control the other, and that’s it. But, the upcoming 2.0 version may bring in features like live sharing and more.