Uki Jailbreak

If you currently use a jailbreak that utilizes the Sileo package manager then I am sure you enjoy amazing aesthetics on your device that resemble the look and feel of the latest versions of iPadOS or iOS.

But what if you wanted to change these aesthetics? What could you possibly do about it? Well, you could choose to petition to the Sileo team to change it or you could install a jailbreak tweak to customize the look.

Well, for this reason, we introduce you to Uki, which is a newly released and free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer biD3V that will help solve the above-mentioned issue. With this jailbreak tweak, users can force the Sileo package manager to float the package headers on a package description page. The name uki is perfect for this jailbreak tweak because it loosely translates to float, according to the developer of this jailbreak tweak.

Once you install this jailbreak teak, a dedicated preference pane is added in the Settings app that will allow the users to configure the different parameters here to suit their needs. Here, you will find different options such as:

  • Allow or disable the compact mode of Uki to reduce the margin sizes inside the floating header
  • Allow or disallow small corners to decrease the corner radius of these floating headers

So, if Uki an improvement to the native Sileo package depiction interface? There is no right or wrong answer to this since it is a subjective question about aesthetics and everyone has their own preferences and choices. Basically, someone might like the way it looks but others might not.

One important thing to note about Uki is that currently, this jailbreak tweak is only compatible with the public release version of the Sileo app. So, if you are using the Sileo beta app, then this jailbreak tweak won’t work for you until the developer updates the tweak and adds support for that as well.

If you want to give Uki a try, then you can get this jailbreak tweak for free from biD3V’s repository using their favorite package manager. Keep in mind that this tweak has been designed for Sileo package manager app only which is a pre-installed app on a few specific jailbreaks.

For those who aren’t using the biD3V’s repository currently, they can add it to their favorite package manager using this URL:

Would you like to give your Sileo app a makeover with Uki or are you happy with the way it looks? Let us know in the comment section below!