Top 8 apps for students

College is both a fun and complex period in the life of every student. It is fun because you finally get a chance to move from your parents, enjoy your freedom, meet new people, and hang out with your friends all night long at different college parties.

At the same time, you should study hard not to drop out of school and graduate with enough knowledge and skills to nail your dream job. Luckily, we live in the era of digitalization, when technologies are evolving at a rapid pace, and smartphones are no longer used just as a means of communication. Today, you can get help with studies using one of the specifically created educational apps aimed to facilitate your workload and make the process more engaging.

Top app recommendations for successful studies

How many times has an average student wondered, «Can I pay someone to do my essay? I am so exhausted». It happens more often than we would want to, and the main reason for it is the great number of home assignments, projects, and presentations students receive daily. With such a high workload, it is no surprise that young people become emotionally unstable, stressed, and even depressed, not mentioning a complete loss of interest in studies. But today, with the development of technologies, students receive a chance to make their educational process easier and more pleasant.

In addition to paper writing help, there are over three million great apps on the market with 197 billion downloads and new ones appearing every week. They help young people with time management, resolving tasks, leading a healthy lifestyle, planning, finances monitoring, and other essential things. On this list, you can find the top most often downloaded apps from App Store and Google Play Market:

1. EdX

Some students don't like going to lectures and consider it a waste of time. Some students wish they could study at such universities as Princeton and Harvard, while some students would like to have an opportunity to study more courses and extend their opportunities. This app is a perfect mix of all these options because it offers free courses from top colleges and universities of the country. Yes, it is not easy to enroll at MIT, but now you don`t have to: just open the app and pick one of the 2K courses available that include video tutorials, interactive games, quizzes, and study materials. The best thing about this is that you will get credits and certificates about completing a course that will be valuable for your career.

2. Khan Academy

The next great app on our list does deserve this place due to its noble purpose – providing free and high-quality education to all people around the globe. This is the library containing lots of lessons on different disciplines in the form of tutorials. Every video has visual material presented on the virtual blackboard, and the narrator comments on the drawing, making it look like a real lesson in the classroom. The academy provides an opportunity to learn in multiple languages, complete exercises for practice, and track your progress. It also offers online courses to prepare for such important tests as SAT.


When you are overwhelmed with studies, you can miss a lot from your college life, which is supposed to be fun. While studying is important, you should also relax by attending different events and parties thrown by your friends. With this app, you can always be updated with what is going on your campus and attend those events you like choosing them from your feed. You will receive a notification not to miss it for sure.

4. Mathway

Nobody loves Math, let`s admit it. Sometimes the tasks become so complicated that we hardly understand how to resolve them. Here is when the app comes: you can just enter the task and receive its solution. Moreover, the app will give you detailed instructions on how this solution was achieved so you will learn how to cope with similar tasks in the future.

5. Studios

According to research carried out among college students, one of the most complicated tasks for them becomes meeting deadlines: they either forget about them or run out of time. Completing assignments due to the deadline is essential: otherwise, you risk receiving low scores and decreasing your academic performance. The app serves to remind you about all important dates: exams, essay deadlines, and other commitments. With this app, you will be able to plan your time and get ready for the assignment in advance.

6. Genius scan

If you missed a lecture and need someone to share notes with you, you basically need to spend some time writing it down. But you no longer have to: with the scanning app, you can easily convert pictures in text documents that can be shared with other members online.

7. Wise drinking

Enjoying your college years, you will attend a lot of parties, which is equal to a lot of drinking. Even if you don`t drive a car, responsible drinking is essential to avoid health problems and other negative consequences. This app tracks how much you have already had and warns you when you are ready to cross the line.

8. Scribd

Students are always in need of textbooks: while new ones are super expensive, you can always find necessary books in this large database. You will also have access to audiobooks you can listen to on the go and receive a better learning experience.