Top 10 chocolate delivery apps to make your partner smile for the day

Chocolates are loved by people of every age group. They even induced a chemical substance called dopamine, which makes the person feel good.

Chocolates are the best gift for every happy occasion but do you know which app delivers the best chocolate?

Here is a list of 10 chocolate delivery apps to spread happiness around you.

Ferns n petals

Ferns and Petal is a great app to make your special day memorable. It has been ranked as India's one of the best gifting sites. It offers an array of choices to select, and it is one of the best destinations to get your favorite chocolate delivered to your loved one.

Ferns and petals more than 6 million happy users, and it offers live free 24×7. You can get your favorite chocolate delivered in the early morning or at midnight; the delivery services are amazing.


Amazon is the largest E-Commerce site in India and offers a variety of products, including some of the best chocolates in the country. The app has excellent service and delivery record; you can easily get chocolate to deliver to your partner and bring a smile to their face.


Very always have something fresh and new to offer. This app is great for chocolate delivery. You can easily place your order and get your chocolate delivered on time at the right place.


As the name suggests, IGP or India ki gifting site is a great way to get your favorite chocolate delivered, and it has multiple options to choose from.


Dorakart is also a popular gifting option. You can also send a greeting card or flowers along with your chocolates in your delivery package.


Chocolaunge has multiple options and varieties of chocolates, including exported and Indian chocolates.

You can easily place your order on the app and get you to deliver to the right person.

Amul Online

Anil's Chocolates are very popular in India and loved by everyone. Amul ensures that the chocolate is of the best quality and in great quantity. Amul online is a great solution for amazing chocolates.

Surprise India

Surprise India will help to surprise your partner with amazing chocolates and cards. It is very easy to place your order on the app, and the delivery services are also very good.


Just like Amazon, Flipkart also has multiple chocolate options. The service and delivery of Flipkart are great, so you can easily trust it and place your order.


Chocolate is a great way to make your day special. Make sure you order the perfect chocolate for your partner from the perfect app.