TimeStamp Jailbreak

All the iPhone users know that the Status Bar on their iPhone has the time indicator that makes it easier for the users to check the time by simply glancing at the Status Bar from different interfaces. But there are a lot of times when you wished to know the date as well and had to navigate to the Home Screen or the Lock Screen to figure that out.

For a long time, I have wondered why Apple didn’t include the date indicator in iPhone Status Bar and well, guess what? This feature is now available on iPadOS which makes you wonder why it hasn’t been added to the iPhone or the iPod Touch till now, especially since there is extra space available on the device’s notch.

Well, thankfully, if you are a jailbreaker then you don’t need to wait for Apple to release this feature for iPhone or iPod Touch anymore. You can simply use the new and free jailbreak tweak known as TimeStamp by iOS developer ETHN. This jailbreak ensures that the Status Bar’s time indicator displays both time and date in regular intervals of 10 seconds. Basically, every 10 second you would see the time being displayed on the Status Bar of the device and after 10 seconds, it would be transformed into the date and it goes on and on.

Your date will be displayed in the mm/dd format and you might be happy to know that this date indicator is slightly different from iPad’s date indicator. iPad’s Status Bar date indicator displays the date in Sat Apr 10 format where this jailbreak tweak uses the 4/10 format to display the date.

An important thing to note about TimeStamp that there are no additional configuration options associated with this jailbreak tweak. And if you wish to see the date and time on the Status Bar, then this is definitely the best way to make that possible. We do love how this jailbreak tweak works and doesn’t cram the date under the time as a lot of other jailbreak tweaks do.

You can download TimeStamp for free from ETHN’s personal repository via favorite package manager. This tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices as long as they are notched. If you aren’t using ETHN’s personal repository, then you can simply add it to your favorite package manager using this URL:


Are you planning to install TimeStamp on your pwned handset or you don’t mind glancing at the Home Screen to determine the present date? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!