Just a day or two back, we had introduced you to a new jailbreak tweak known as Gears that allowed the users to animate the Settings app icon on the Home Screen. As a result, the gears icon for the Settings actually rotated and resembled the OTA software update mechanism of the iOS 7 devices.

Well, today, we will be sharing with you at an entirely different kind of animated Home Screen icon. This tweak affects the apps like Clock app to show you the present status of any active timers that might be counting down in the background. You can get this feature on your device as well by downloading a newly released jailbreak tweak dubbed TimerIcon that was created by an iOS developer Idefix0202.

With the help of TimerIcon, you can replace the traditional animated Clock icon and can instead choose to display the timer in the form of a ring-style timer progress animation that can usually be found inside the Clock app when you open the Timer tab. The icon is quite attractive and distinguished as the dark background of the icon is nicely complemented with a yellow-orange ring timer progress and a real-time timer readout that is placed in the center.

An important thing to remember about this tweak is that the ring-style timer progress will only be available when there is a currently active timer being used. Once the timer runs out, it will turn back into the traditional animated Clock app icon. What we really like about TimerIcon is that it offers the users a convenient way to check the status of an active timer on their iPhone from the Home Screen itself. So, they don’t need to go to the Clock app or lock their device and go to the Lock Screen to check the status of the active timer.

Another great thing about this tweak is that it doesn’t drain your device’s battery with the additional animations and works as the traditional Clock app does. So, if you are worried that your device will suffer from unwanted battery drain, then that won’t be an issue at all with this tweak.

If you wish to get this tweak for your iPhone, then you need to purchase it for $0.99 from the Packix repository using any package manager of your choice. You can also take a free trial known as TimerIcon Trial before purchasing the tweak so that you can check out the tweak’s functionality and decide whether it is a good fit for you or not. Both the full version and the trial version are supported on the jailbroken iOS 13 devices.

Are you planning to get TimerIcon for your device too or are you happy with the traditional look of the Clocks app? Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this newly released jailbreak tweak in the comments section below!