The Shy

There are a lot of interesting and quirky jailbreak tweaks in the market that allows the users to do fun and interesting things with their iPhones. Some of these jailbreak tweaks are just mind-blowing and can really surprise new jailbreakers.

One such amazing tweak that was recently released is known as The Shy by iOS developer haoict that will dim the app icons on your Home Screen after some pre-determined inactive time. Basically, when you are idle for a few seconds, Home Screen displays a cool effect until you start using the device again.

In the below screenshot, you can check how this tweak looks like once the lights are dimmed. When the app icons are dimmed, the wallpaper becomes clearer as the icons are semi-transparent now. And once you start interacting with your Home Screen’s display with movements such as swiping to the next page, then the app icons become un-dimmed and are opaque again.

This isn’t a new concept as a similar tweak named Evanesco was released in 2016 but The Shy offers support for iOS and iPadOS 14. Once you install The Shy, it will add a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app which users can use to configure the tweak. You can find the following options available here:

  • Toggle on or off The Shy on demand
  • Setting a custom idle delay time to activate the effect
  • Selecting whether labels and icons get dimmed or just one of those
  • Hiding the app icon labels completely when the icons dim
  • Reset to the default settings

Moreover, there is an Apply button present on the top-right corner of the preference pane that you can use to save your settings. Once you tap on this button, a confirmation message will appear and the device will respring after that.

This is a completely aesthetic tweak but it is definitely a good addition to any iPad or iPhone as it makes the user’s inactive experience better. Most of you might know how a desktop screensaver starts playing after the desktop computer is left idle for a particular amount of time. And although this tweak is not a screensaver, it has a similar concept.

If you are interested in trying out The Shy, then you can easily download the tweak from Haoict’s personal repository for free of cost using any package manager. This tweak is currently supported on jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Also, if you aren’t using haoict’s personal repository, then you can easily add it to your package manager by using this URL:

So, what are your thoughts on The Shy? Will you be download it on your device or not? Do let us know what you think in the comments below!