The history behind the weird charging action of the Magic Mouse

Are you an iMac user?

If yes, then do you ever wonder why the Magic Mouse needs to be charged from beneath? Why can’t Apple be reasonable and give a sideways charging port for the device so you charge it while plugged in?

Today, we are going to answer this age of question to the best of our ability.

So, be sure to read till the end. The real facts might surprise you.

The Magic Mouse and its rear-charging action

The Magic Mouse is an integral part of Apple’s iMac setup.

The slim, fast, and aesthetic-looking accessory gives the whole iMac setup a different pop. Plus, it stands true to its name, thanks to precision drivers that run the device.

On paper, the Magic Mouse is a top-tier accessory that is an asset to have. But, as every coin has a flip size the magic mouse too has a significant con - Its charging action.

If you are an iMac user you will know how you have to flip the whole device in order to charge it. This means the magic mouse is completely useless when it’s charging. But, why?

Apple could have added a charging port to the side or front of the device like any other accessory manufacturer does, Right? But, why has the magic mouse been given such a weird trait? Why does Apple refuse to redo the magic mouses’ charging port because the Magic keyboard has a charging port up front which makes it usable while charging?

Well, the analogy might just shock you.

The Analogy

To understand this weird trait of the Magic Mouse we have to look back at the very first generation of Apple’s Magic Mouse and Keyboard setup.

Back then, those accessories used AAA batteries which could be swapped and reused from time to time. But, when Apple thought about updating these accessories they thought to completely change the aesthetics of Magic Mouse.

For starters, Apple slashed down the width of the mouse by a few millimeters and used a tightly stacked array of Lithium-ion batteries to power the device. This made the device fast and more precise and fast.

But, even after all of this the magic mouse had nothing special about it. It was just like any other mouse in the market. So, Apple took the step to move the charging port of the device to the bottom instead of putting it u front or at the side.

And Boom! Just like the modern-day Magic Mouse was born.

Battle of theories

Over the years different theories have come up for the weird charging port placement of the magic mouse. And even today a large of the population believes the rear-placed port helps to charge the battery faster but, none of these theories ever made sense cuz, the charging speed of a device does not get altered by the position of the port.

Rather it depends on the metals used in the connectors of the ports/ charger.

So, after all the research we can conclude by saying that the Magic Mouses’ rear-charging action was nothing but an initiative by Apple to differentiate from its counterparts.

Final Words

A lot of people right now speak about this charging issue of the magic mouse but, it isn’t a real problem if we are being honest.

The magic mouse can go on for more than 30 mins with just a 2-minute charge. This means your device will get sufficiently charged in between a bathroom break. So, there is nothing to freak out about.

The rear-charging issue isn’t even an issue.

Just use/ cherish your magic mouse as it is.