Your iPhone is not just a phone or used to connect to an Internet connection but is ideally a digital multitool. One of the best examples for this is the LED flash that is placed on the rear side of the phone and can be used as a flashlight if you are stranded in darkness.

Generally, a stock iPhone’s LED flash can be used as a flashlight with the help of the Control Center module or the Lock Screen Quick Action button. You can even adjust the brightness of the LED flash in small increments if you want. However, unlike other flashlights in today’s market, an iPhone’s flashlight lacks features that can help the user configure the settings to suit their different requirements. But with the help of a new jailbreak tweak, Tenmetsu, by iOS developer Plat-Ykor, you get a lot of features and configurations available for your LED flash.

Basically, Tenmetsu allows the users to use their iPhone’s LED flash as a flashlight and use different modes such as timed flashlight mode, SOS mode, strobe mode, etc. These new flashlight modes are added to the Control Center flashlight module and you simply need to tap on the mode to initiate it. Here are the few functions that you will find with this tweak, starting from left to right:

  • SOS mode – This mode turns on the flashing pattern for SOS which is similar to Morse code.
  • Timer mode – You can use this flashlight mode to turn it on automatically after a decided number of seconds.
  • Strobe mode – In this mode, the flashlight turns on and off in a hyper-fast sequence.

After you install Tenmetsu, a preference pane for this tweak is added to the Settings app from where you can choose the setting for your iPhone’s flash. There is also a respring button available to save the changes made by you to the flashlight settings.

If you tend to use flashlights a lot, then I am sure you must already be aware of good flashlights such as Nitecore, Fenix, etc. that include different flash features (strobe mode, SOS, etc). And while these features are not frequently used, it is still good to have them in case of emergencies. So, it is good to add this functionality to your iPhone’s flash as well as it can come in handy in difficult situations.

So, if you would like to upgrade your iPhone LED flash and get this tweak for your device, then you can easily get it for $0.89 from the Packix repository. This tweak is supported on jailbroken iOS 13 devices and might be updated later on to include iOS 14 devices as well.

Are you planning to upgrade your iPhone’s flashlight functionality with this new tweak? Let us know in the comments if you have already installed it on your iPhone or if you are going to pass upon it.