Modern technologies that will change the dating scene

During the last few years, the online dating scene has changed a lot because of new technologies. How will online dating look like in the future? Technology development has changed the way we connect with people and it has totally changed the dating world.

A variety of dating sites give people an easier and quicker way to find a partner. has analyzed the developing technologies and came up with their vision on how they can affect the dating world in the nearest future.

Inception and Development of Online Dating

Since its creation, online dating has evolved considerably. Indeed, in 2007, the major players in the dating industry moved from desktop-based dating websites to mobile apps and the emphasis was put on the quality of the matching algorithms which were refined with a lot of data collected thanks to huge databases. Then, in 2012, Tinder entered the game and changed the entire industry: they focused on young adults and they introduced new game-like features like swiping and variable rewards. Not only it changed the way dating apps were perceived (it is now seen more like a game and an amusing experience), but it also made online dating extremely more popular because of its success. Today, it got to a point where everyone uses it and it became completely normal to use it. But what will the future of online dating look like?

DNA Based Matching

The idea behind this concept is to match you immediately with the right person according to your DNA in order to make you save a lot of time. First, you download the data of your DNA test on the dating site. Then, they will decipher the essential elements behind chemical attraction using their DNA matchmaking algorithm. After approximately five minutes of analysis, they will present you profiles of singles who have the greatest compatibility with you and you can start chatting with them!

Using VR

It is sometimes difficult to really get an idea of who we are talking to when we are only communicating through messages. Indeed, the voice and the body language can tell you a lot about someone and this is why more and more people are using Skype and Facetime when they meet someone online. Using Virtual Reality could be a way to achieve this to an even greater extent! It would seem like you are in the same room as the other person and it would be really similar to a face to face meeting.

Artificial Intelligence Takes AI Matchmaker

Artificial Intelligence would be the intermediary between you and your match. You would not even have to start swiping because AI would collect all the important information about you, analyze them and then find someone that is compatible with you according to your interests. Not only AI would help you find a match but it would also assist you during all processes giving you advice on what to say, when to ask out on a date, etc.

Machine Learning Love

Including machine learning systems in dating apps could help users in different ways. For instance, the conversations could be analyzed: the compatibility level and the level of interest of the two members could be evaluated. Also, machine learning could be used to consider your past behavior and past preferences to offer only the most relevant matches.

Facial recognition matching

With facial recognition, you can ask members to upload pictures of people who attract them and then present them to people who look similar. You can also present them profiles based on their preferences regarding appearance

Flirty Chatbots

If you feel lonely and if you want to start flirting with Artificial Intelligence Chatbots it will be possible! Also, this could be a way to practice your flirting skills without bothering anyone.

Online Dating As a Game

As we said earlier, Tinder introduced the first game-like features on dating apps making it a huge success. But we could take this idea further and make it even more like a game: earn points that you could use as credits when you succeed in certain tasks, reach certain levels when you get a certain amount of likes or matches.