Substitute v2.1.0 Jailbreak

Recently Substitute announced the updated version for the application to Substitute v2.1.0 that further improved the speed, performance, and long-term reliability. As a result, it gave more control to the users about Jetstream enforcement.

Let us look at the changes in the new Substitute application version of this app.

  • It added a new option to select more stringent and permissive Jetstream enforcement.
    You need to have a jailbreak iPhone or perform a userspace reboot or reboot to activate the option.
  • They enhanced the speed and memory usage of the device.

The first option enables the user to control the stability of the device by making the Substitute application more or less strict about Jetstream enforcement.

To activate this option, you have to either perform a userspace reboot or jailbreak of your device.

As per the speed and memory usage, it is beneficial for the older handsets as they will be faster and more performant.

What is the substitute application?

Substitute is a primary jailbreak tweak developed by unc0ver jailbreak. It loads the user-installed jailbreak tweaks and extensions on the iPhone device.

Once you have jailbroken your iPhone device, you will need the Substitute application or any other alternative application like Substitute to install all the jailbreak applications on your device. It is a kind of application manager that install tweaks and extensions on your Apple device.

Substitute is the primary tweak injection tool used by almost all jailbroken iPhone users. Unlike other injection tools, it is more safe and efficient to use. The regular updates and performance fix indeed make it the most trusted jailbreak tweak of all time. While other applications have restricted use to their features, you can enjoy all the features in your jailbroken iPhone devices with the Substitute app.

How to download the new version of Substitute?

If you are already using the older version of Substitute, you can download the updated version from the Sam Bingner repository. It should also be available on the checkra1n and unc0ver jailbreaks. Some of the users might be using the Cydia Substitute; if you want to jump to Substitute v2.1.0, all you have to do is uninstall the Cydia Substitute; the Substitute will automatically take its place.

Here is the link to download the Substitute v2.1.0:-

The application is free to download and supported iOS version 14. If you match the version, follow the above link.

Wrapping Up

It is great to see a new update for Substitute after a wait of months. The performance and memory storage will boost up the device. Looking at the older iPhones, they are more beneficial. While it will take up less memory, it will create space for the additional application to install on the device.

Indeed having a jailbroken phone is like using all the top-notch features on your smartphone. If you already own the Substitute application or planning to switch from another application, this article is everything you want.