Snapchat CEO states 'Happy to Pay Apple 30% Commission, Wouldn't Exist Without iPhone'

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has released a statement wherein it is evident that the company is delighted to pay Apple company about 30% commission. All thanks to the improvements in technology and software. News is that Apple has been conducting trials against Epic Games on how it conducts business with the app store and market.

However, Epic has a problem with apple that it charges great commission fees on every sale or in-app purchases made on the platform. Epic might have a problem with the structure, but when asked to Snapchat CEO, he claims, 'Snapchat would have been nothing without Apple'.

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Why Snapchat agreed to pay a 30% commission?

During an interview conducted with Snapchat owner Evan Spiegel, he elaborated upon his popular relationship with Apple. When asked about the commission, he said that, without Apple, Snapchat would not exist! 'In the greater sense, it is still doubtful, whether there is a choice for paying 30% fees', Spiegel said. Of course, it was evident that Evan is happy to do it anyways in exchange for the better technology that they shall receive in terms of software and hardware.

Apple CEO Tim cook further explained how Apple operates on in-app purchases. Apple uses its in-app payments system to collect the 30% fee. Epic argued that Apple company should include some alternative payment methods. However, as told by Cook, this would require Apple to collect the fees in an altogether new way.

Evan Spiegel says that Apple has been a great and supportive partner for Snapchat, and even the privacy changes in IOS 14.5 and App tracking Transparency was appreciated. Snapchat is not making moves to Apple's new ad tracking network, which does not violate user privacy, and this transition has been made smoothly.

Epic Games vs. Apple trial could affect how Apple does its business, depending mainly on the outcome. If the authority's side with Epic, then Apple can be forced to allow alternative payment options or make other changes.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat was launched in the year 2016. It is a modern-age social networking application wherein users can interact and share electronic memories. One can send across photos, videos, music, and audio files on Snapchat. Snapchat has this special feature of Snapchat filters, which is the attractive point of this application. The fun-to-use filters make Snapchat the most likable application.

Friends can post stories on Snapchat and make streaks. Other features of Snapchat include sending bit-emojis and making video calls. Snapchat can also be used for making audio calls and was setting up small videos of all genres.


Apple has already tried to calm the regulators with small business programs, but that might now be enough. More has to be heard. However, the recent news is that while Epic Games might not feel fit in business workings with Apple, Snapchat seems alright. Future updates are going to show which sides ultimately win.