Sleepizy2 Jailbreak

Fall asleep to music often? If so, Sleepizy 2 can improve the experience.


It is obvious that while using your phone, you fall asleep. Sometimes, we doze off while listening to our favorite music, and then the phone continues to play the music drained all battery.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone when you might have heard about the Sleepizy released two years back. It enables you to set the timer for the music playback to stop your music when you fall asleep.

The biggest advantage of using a jailbroken iPhone is that you can get full access to the applications that are not supported in a normal iPhone. If you are using a jailbroken iPhone then, here is another update from Sleepizy named Sleepizy 2 with more advanced features to let you enjoy both your music and sleep at the same time.

What is Sleepizy 2?

Sleepizy 2 is an iOS application exclusively for jailbreak iPhone, which gives you an extended version of your music playback to set the timer while listening to your favorite track. If you fall asleep in the middle, the timer will activate and close turn off your phone to avoid additional power consumption. It performs it easier for the user to sleep while listening to their favorite track.

You can set the timer directly from the control center. You can set the number of tracks, duration, etc.

It has various ways to configure the music playback on how it should end. When the music end, it will activate the selected option like Do not Disturb or Airplane Mode, which is helpful if you have fallen asleep while listening to music.

What is there in Sleepizy 2?

Once you install Sleepizy 2, go to the settings app on your iPhone and find the dedicated pane for the same.

The options include:

  • Enable and Disable Sleepizy 2
  • Choosing the playback mode: timer-based or number of songs-based.
    You can also choose both.
  • Configure the timer mode and number of songs mode.
  • Option to active when the timer starts and the timer ends.
  • Display an indicator- that shows how much time is left before the playback ends.
  • Enable and Disable Sleepizy 2 from Control Center.

On the timer start pane, users can:

  • Enable airplane mode.
  • Enable do not disturb mode.
  • Run Sleepizy shortcut
  • Configure volume level.

While on the timer, end users can see

  • Enable Airplane Mode.
  • Enable do not disturb mode.
  • Run the app shortcut.
  • Configure Bluetooth devices like:
    Disconnect all Bluetooth devices, disable Bluetooth, disconnect specific Bluetooth devices.
  • Force close the now playing application.

Wrapping Up

No doubt, it is one of the best applications that make your task easier. Now you can sleep comfortably. The application is available on the Packix repository for $1.99. If you already have the original application, then you can bag Sleepizy with 50% off. Currently, the jailbreak application is supported on iOS 14 devices.