#Shoton iPhone: Whodunnit

Apple has recently released a brand new short video on their YouTube channel called “Whodunnit”.

This small feature video will bring back the old-school vibes that all of us have enjoyed while watching or listening to detective stories.


If we had to sum up the whole thing in a sentence- Whodunnit is the tale about an investigation gone wrong.

The video shows all the trademarks of a classic detective story. Rich household of Vatican design, probably constructed in the late 1800s, a big family of wealthy people, a weird-looking house butler, and a pet.

The whole story is based upon the theft of a rare painting and we can see how each member is sarcastically towards each other to get rid off of any remarks whilst the investigation.

The investigator looks for clues all around the room from a lip mark on the cutlery to a half-eaten sandwich lying on the floor in an attempt to figure out the thief. When he stumbles upon a silver button mear the mantlepiece where the painting was kept.

All glances immediately go towards the butler as he is arrested followed by the dog who was actually the butler’s pet and not a house pet.

But then comes the biggest twist when we can see the little boy of the house with the painting which he has hidden in their garden after tampering it.

Whodunnit is wholesale of suspense, thrill, and deception that people from any age group will enjoy.

Thus, we really advise you to watch it…