#Shoton iPhone: Detectives

Apple has recently released a brand new short video on their YouTube channel called “Detectives”.

This short one-minute video acts like an exciting trailer that can be used to describe almost all Detective movies Hollywood has made to date.

Showing the splendid auto-focus and manual-focus features of the iPhone 13. This small video might be worth your minute.


The video starts with two detectives looking towards a crime scene. When the leading detective is the one with all the focus compared to his companion who is all blurred out.

When the awkward silence of the video is broken by the second detective by saying, “Am I out of focus?”. This starts a set of ongoing conversations in which we can find out the humorous, and mysterious side of this rather serious profession.

Detectives, is nothing special nor, does it have any hidden meaning like any other #shoton videos. All it does is highlight the humorous part of an rather unique profession and also showcase how the actual conversation might be.

Is it worth watching? Maybe…

Will you enjoy it? Again, Maybe…

But it will keep you captivated for that one minute, we guarantee it.

Using Focus Shift feature on your iPhone?

Focus shift is a feature that can be used to change the focus points from one object to another whilst a video is being recorded.

To use focus shift on your iPhone while shooting Cinematic mode:

  • Open the camera app and scoot over to cinematic mode.
  • Click on the shutter button to start a video.
  • Once the video has started the camera will automatically focus on any living thing/ object that it can identify first.
  • To shift the focus click on part of the screen where you need to focus to be set.

  • If the living thing/ object is stationary or making slight movements the cinematic mode will automatically take it into ficus and stay focussed on it until you make any alterations.
  • You can also change the white balance and zoom in or out without interrupting the focus.


Shooting seamless Cinematic Mode videos could be challenging if you don’t have steady hands. Thus, we always suggest the to use a mono or tripod to get the best video experience.