#Shoton iPhone 13 Pro: Saving Simon

Apple has recently released a brand new short video on their YouTube channel called “Saving Simon”.

This short, 3-minute video captures the tale of family, love, and festivity into one single frame shot by none other than the iPhone 13’s Cinematic Mode.

Directed by the father-son duo of Ivan and Jason Reitman, this video will surely make your eyes moist and keep you longing for the wintery, Snow-filled mornings in December.

Saving Simon

The whole documentary Saving Simon is like a grand collage of thoughts and expressions framed into a single 3-minute long video.

The wonderful video starts with a glimpse of a late winter morning. Big festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas have gone by and everyone is clearing out the decoratives from their front yard to make it suitable for something else.

Here, the brother of the protagonist, Olive is seen as he kicks down every snowman they built. Symobilising the end of good things. When Olive runs down as her brother is about to kick the last snowman and picks her up to store her into the Refrigerator waiting for the next year’s Christmas.

Saving Simon then proceeds on like a rollercoaster ride showcasing the journey of Simon the last snowman and Olive who wants to protect her despite anything.

Days, Weeks, Months, Seasons pass by as Olive is still taking care of Jason and keeping him safe for the Winters. And when the winters come she finally taken Simon and places him in her front yard but, Alas! Simon the last snowman is instantly destroyed by a passerby’s BMX.

Sad and shocked Olive picks up the scarf she dressed Simon with. When her brother comes up and hands her a ball of fresh falling snow. Both the siblings smile and start to build another snowman.

Simon will be reborn again.

Winding Up

The whole story of Saving Simon narrates the importance of love, care, family, and festivity among its viewers. It puts light on the sadness of passing holidays and hopes of upcoming ones.

Directors Ivan and Jason Reitman loved their time filming the video with iPhone 13 and they shared their views about their experience on the Behind the Scenes of Saving Simon.

Saving Simon is a must-watch for people of all age groups. If you love your family, your loved possessions, and the eventful season of Winters. Then you just can’t miss it.