'Shining Girls': Jamie Bell to star alongside Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Maura

After the first hearing about Shinning Girls in July last year, the Apple TV show has announced a new update about the show.

The book adapted show Shining Girl by Apple is all set to co-star Jamie Bell alongside the Emmy award winner Elisabeth Moss and Wagner Maura.

The show is based on a novel by Lauren Beukes with the same name. It is produced by Silka Luisa, who is also considered the showrunner.

The series is a new metaphysical thriller about a Chicago serial killer back in 1930 who encounters a time-traveling machine.

Shinning Girls

As mentioned, it is adapted from the novel written by Lauren Beukes, a South African Writer. The book was the 2013 bestseller.

The show revolves around a character named Harper who finds a key and opens the door the other time. He has to kill the Shinning Girls to continue its travel. The story is set in Chicago in the 1930 period.

Shinning Girls will be released on Apply TV with association with MRC television. The show is lead by Silka Luisa, who will be the writer for TV and the executive producer. Beukes and Alan Page Arriaga will also be the executive producer of the show. Leonardo DiCaprio will also join the show as an executive producer through Appian Way.

Apple reportedly announced it would be a limited series of eight episodes. The release dates are yet to announce while the casting is still under process.

What is new about Jamie Bell's character?

Jamie Bell will be featured in the role of Harper, a mysterious loner who will connect with Kirby, played by Elisabeth Moss, a Chicago reporter who survived a brutal attack and now on her way to find out the attacker. At the same time, Maura will play the role of a journalist, who will be breaking the story.

Last time Bell was seen in Amazon's thriller Without Remorse along with Michael B.

This is the second TV series for Moss. She has to star for the limited series 'Candy'. Earlier, she was nominated for 'Mad Men'. She was currently working in the award-winning Hulu series 'The Handmaid's Tale'.

The Brazilian and Narcos actor Wagner Maura will play the role of a journalist who will guide through this story.


This is a highly anticipated show that will make a global debut on Apple TV. With the information, the actors have joined for the show. Fans are hyped up after the news and looking forward to its realization on the Apple TV platform. With these actors and knows producers, the bar has been set high for the series.

Let's hope Apple will bring another masterpiece on its platform.

Although all the TV products are on hold due to the Covid pandemic, Apple TV is making a competitive slate for 2021 and 2022. As Hollywood projects resume, they have to start working on several projects that were announced.