Scanner Pro 8

Do you use Readdle’s Scanner Pro software? If yes, then it might interest you to know that Scanner Pro software by Readdle has recently received its biggest and most important update to date. Scanner Pro 8 now utilizes computer vision to transform the scanned images into raw text that you can use in other apps along with a full-text search option and a lot more. That’s not all, Readdle has also turned Scanner Pro into a subscription model.

If you are new to this, then let us simplify it a little bit for you on what Scanner Pro does and how it is useful for the users. Basically, Scanner Pro uses optical character recognition (OCR) feature that will easily turn the scanned images into searchable text. And it does this on your iPad and iPhone without sending any information to the cloud. Now, if you are an existing Scanner Pro user in the freemium model, then you will have all the features that were available prior to this new update. And the best thing is that you can keep these features forever without paying a single penny.

However, the bonus is that as a current user, you will also get the new features that are available after the app’s update, completely free of charge.

According to the Readdle team, this is the start of a new journey for Scanner Pro and the users. They are using the knowledge and skills that they previously used in their other products such as Sparks, Documents, etc. to make Scanner Pro and its scanning feature to a completely different level.

A few highlights of this update that you might want to know are:

New Business Model – One of the most interesting things about this new update is that Scanner Pro has now become a free application for users. However, you get the option of a premium upgrade by paying a small fee.

New Design – The interface and experience of using Scanner Pro has been redesigned so it is easier and quicker to scan and organize papers.

Searchable Text – The best thing about this new update is that it allows the users to search the content in your scans and is not limited to just titles anymore. The application turns all your scans into searchable text so it is easier to look for particular content.

Turning Scans into Raw Text with Text Vision – When you are scanning a document, the most troublesome part is to select a text and then copy it. But with the help of Text Vision, Scanner Pro will automatically recognize the text in your scans and provides you the option to copy and export it to other apps.

As we mentioned earlier, Scanner Pro has become freemium software with several advanced features that cannot be accessed without a subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, then you can scan documents and share them with a Scanner Pro watermark.

With a subscription of $20 a year, you will get watermark-free scans, full-text search, on-device OCR in 26 languages, password protection, and a lot more.