Safari: Top 5 extensions for Writers

Are you a writer who believes in smart work rather than hard work? Wish to maintain your creativity level by keeping all the stress away? Well if that's so, you are on the right page.

We often face some very common issues but neglect them thinking there is no way out from it. But ignoring them is not a solution.

That’s why we have come up with some cool extensions, especially for the writers so that you will be able to save time and effort that you are forced to put into some useless tasks.

Let Us Begin:

1. Grammarly

If you write plenty of work online, or simply need to enhance your writing skills, then Grammarly is a one-stop solution to all of it.

Once you've got Grammarly installed, it'll robotically test your writing in any textual content area and factor out any misspelled phrases, grammar errors, or even tell you where there are redundant phrases. You will simply have to create an account to apply, however, it's a far more useful device that will help you enhance your writing skills.

2. Link Saving Pocket

How regularly do you discover yourself searching for a high-quality long-shape article and figuring out you do not have the time to examine it properly at that moment?

With Pocket, you simply have to click on the 'Save to Pocket' button, and the hyperlink gets saved in your account so that you can without difficulty seek advice from it later on. It works throughout a couple of gadgets and you may tag and label articles in order that the whole thing is well organized.

3. Track Duck

TrackDuck is a remark collecting device that includes a paid plan. It enables you to collect remarks in any respect, to all the steps involved in the content creation process or designing any stuff on the web.

You can percentage mockups, improvement levels and get remarks from different users. It works with more than one CMS system consisting of WordPress, MODX, Squarespace, and Shopify.

4. Rebrandly

Are your net hyperlinks lengthy and hefty? The Rebrandly extension and platform permit you to create shorter linkers for the use of your custom domain.

You can brand hyperlinks to assist, create them in a personalized manner for customers to remember. Plus, this device enhances logo visibility due to the fact you're the user of your domain, now no longer a third-party. It can even assist customers to consider your hyperlinks due to the fact that they won’t consist of oddball textual content and are optimized for search.

5. Stylish

Stylish helps you to personalize your preferred websites. Suppose giving Facebook a facelift – with custom CSS or with the aid of using the usage of heaps of different consumer patterns powered with the aid of using the lively Stylish community. The extension capabilities with the aid of the usage of Google Analytics.

Final Words

And those were the list of our top 5 safari extensions for Writers.

You can download, install any one of them and kickstart your writing/ Publishing journey for free.