Safari: Top 5 extensions for Artists.

Apple’s Safari internet browser is often the go-to browser for many Apple and Mac enthusiasts. It’s a strong alternative to Chrome and frequently does an outstanding task at the privacy and safety fronts.

But, you know what’s one of the most exciting traits of Safari is? It has useful extensions for each and every objective.

From writers to publishers and artists. It has something that everyone can use.

Thus, here are a few outstanding Safari extensions shortlisted below which can assist artists/ creative individuals to grow their productivity, and create a higher surfing experience.

1. Screenshot Annotation: Awesome Screenshot

If you often want to take more than one screenshot of Safari, Awesome Screenshot makes it easier. Click the extension icon, and you could pick to snap the whole page, a specific place or the sectional part of it.

Once you reach that far, you could crop it, draw shapes at the image, or upload textual content as annotations to provide an explanation for the steps. It may help you to save significant time when you are bound to take a lot of screenshots.

2. Image Search

Developed by Midwinter Duncan Grant, Image Search offers fast and intelligent contextual access to Google Image Search.

This Safari extension allows you to set image specifications in terms of size, color, category, or file type. You can also create five customizable predefined searches. The search you want will open as a separate Safari tab in the current window. A very useful addition for any creative professional.

3. PiPifier

Who does not love to watch films together with friends or alone via platforms like YouTube or Netflix? However, if you want to see the video and perform other works like editing, gaming, designing at the same time as multitasking without interference, you then definitely need PiPifier.

With PiPifier, each HTML5 video you watch and have interaction with may be viewed with Picture in Picture mode.

Just discover a video, have interaction with it once, after which click on the PiPifier icon in Safari. Your video will then pass into Picture in Picture mode, so you are capable of using different apps and also have the video playing with no interference.

4. Coda Notes

Web designers looking ahead to remarks from colleagues, or maybe clients, will gain from Coda Notes, which helps you to draw annotations on websites. Once the toolbar icon is chosen a drop-down menu appears, showing 5 easy gears to annotate with.

You have the capacity to draw, highlight, erase, depart sticky notes, and input text, all on top of an internet page. Once you've completed making notes, click ‘ship notes’ and e-mail a screenshot to your selected recipient.

5. Dribbb(b)le

Since Dribbble is a layout community, it is secure to anticipate that every customer can have excessive display resolutions. So this Safari Extension, created with the aid of using Eren Emre, will increase its width of it from 940px to 1104px. It additionally kills all of the tiny thumbnails on Dribbble and replaces them with bigger, 400x300 versions.

Final Words

And those were the list of our top 5 safari extensions for artists/ creative professionals.

You can download, install any one of them and kickstart your creative journey for free.