Rumors: Self-healing iPhone display

With the world of smartphones moving forward at an exhilarating pace it often raises the question about what could be the next big thing?

If we look a while back we would see a lot of new innovations are already in motion with the foldable smartphones from Samsung and the smartphone with an in-built drone from Vivo.

The rumors we hear every day and enough to make your motors run.

But, the one part that always gets left behind is the screen and its reinforcement.

Over the year we have seen numerous companies packing in more and more pixels, curving the screen and what not but in the department of reinforcing they all go back to Gorilla Glass or other old-school methods.

But, that might change…

As Apple is planning to create a display that will heal itself from any dents and scratches...

Read this article till the very end if you want to know more…

The Big News

According to a recent article published by 9to5MAc, Apple has flown for a patent about their new innovation in the smartphone screen sector.

The Self-Healing Screen.

This self-healing screen will have the power to mend itself whist the device is getting charged or rebooting.

According to analysts, whenever a smartphone's screen is subjected to a lot of dust or particles. A very minute percentage of those particles might get trapped in the screen.

These particles may later try to affect the performance of the screen the blowing out the pixels and damaging the screen internally.

On the other hand, a Self Healing Screen will also be able to keep itself safe from any scratches as it will repair itself over time.

It is believed that the self-healing screen will be the best solution to reinforce the screens of foldable devices like Samsung G-Fold or Apple Fold.

How do self-healing screens work?

Screens used in smartphones are made of different layers of glass and panels.

If you take a closer look at the layers of glasses you will see they are made of minute substrates that patch up to for a glass.

In any foldable device, the indentation of the substrates gets altered thus, you will find a crease gets developed on the divider of the screen.

In Apple’s self-healing screen a layer of a thin heat-foil will be added in between those substrates which will be activated once the device is being charged.

While the device is being charged the layer of heat will cause molecular changes in the subtracted thus, mending the screen.

Where will the self-healing screen be implemented?

The most practical use of the self-healing screen would be in the Apple Fold or other foldable device.

When can we expect this?

There have been no definite reveals of dates.

But there is a high chance of this technology making its big reveal around 2024-2025.

Winding Up

Self-fixing devices have not been new to the market, we have seen self-healing backs from LG in their device G-Flex and G-Flex 2. But, back then this idea was called off due to negative responses from the crowd.

But, if Apple could make a major stride in self-healing screens then, it might be a big achievement for Apple to say the least.