Generally, an iPhone’s ringer/silent switch is used for the purpose that its name mentions, i.e., it allows the user to turn on the ringer so that they know about the incoming notifications or to turn it to the silent mode so that the notifications are on silent.

Well, what if you could do more with this switch? Thankfully, due to the latest and free jailbreak tweak known as RingerActions that was developed by iOS developer Chr1s, it is now possible to apply specific actions to the ringer/silent switch in varying conditions and states.

Once you install RingerActions, a dedicated preference pane is added in the Settings app from where you can configure this tweak to suit your needs. From the Settings, you will get the following options:

  • Turn RingerActions on or off whenever you want
  • Hide the native ringer HUD when the ringer/silent switch is flipped
  • Choose a custom action for the ringer/silent switch when it is flipped. You have the following options for the custom action – Airplane mode, Flashlight, Reachability, Low Power Mode, Play or pause media, App Switcher, Dark Mode or Light Mode, Orientation Lock, Do Not Disturb, and Control Center
  • Enable or disable a specific app from launching when the ringer/silent switch is flipped
  • Choose a custom app for the above-mentioned scenario

This is a well-made tweak and the users are provided with a myriad of options to choose from for particular scenarios but it is worth knowing that what all you can do with RingerActions can also be done with the help of Ryan Petrich’s tried Activator extension.

Most jailbreakers prefer Activator tweak as they can do a lot more with it in comparison to RingerActions. However, if you are looking for a relatively simple tweak to use for configuring the ringer/silent switch then RingerActions is a good choice for you.

Those interested in getting RingerActions on their handsets can easily download it from the Packix repository using their favorite package manager. This is a free tweak that is currently supported on jailbroken iPhones that run on iOS 13 and might even work on iOS 14.

Are you using Activator or planning to try out the new RingerActions tweak? Let us know your thoughts on this tweak in the comments below!