How to Recover Lost Wedding Video from Any Device

One of the most special days that couples have together is their wedding. It is an event that you will love to watch repetitively when someone captures video of the ceremony. If your video is accidentally deleted or lost, then that benefit goes away, right?

Wrong. When you accidentally delete a file from your computer, an SD card, a USB flash drive, or an external hard drive, there is a chance that the footage is still available if you act quickly. Stop using the item immediately, and then follow the steps found in this guide to see if a full restoration is possible.

Recover Deleted Wedding Videos Quickly

Wedding videos are information saved in a file, just like a document, still photograph, or spreadsheet. It might have a different extension than the other options, but it still is data that you manage.

Knowing how to recover deleted videos from a PC, SD memory card, or digital camera depends on how you managed the data.

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If you performed a temporary deletion, then the file is easily accessible through your trash or recycle bin. Dive into the option that applies to your operating system, find the data you need, and then go through the recovery process. It might be as simple as dragging the file to your desktop.

This process works for MOV, MPR, and AVI files from an SD card or any other form of storage.

If you permanently deleted the file, then a recovery utility is the best solution available to solve your problem.

What If I Need an SD Card Recovery?

It is not unusual for wedding photographers and family members to store images and video on an SD memory card for a long time after this big day. That is why an accidental deletion of this media becomes possible. Unless a write protection option is engaged on the card, you can overwrite the file.

If your storage device blanked out suddenly and it took your wedding videos along with it, then you can still recover it from memory card data.

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The scanning process can be lengthy, especially if there are numerous files to review when using a restoration utility. You can pause the best recovery options whenever you need so that you can review the results. Today’s tools have an impressive ability to restore file access when you think that wedding video might be lost.

Avoid Future Loss with Proactive Steps

If you are not protecting your wedding videos, then there is always a chance that they could be lost with an inadvertent command. Photographs are easy to manage through cloud-based storage, but the size of a video makes this a prohibitive process.

That is why you should remove an SD card from your camera or any other equipment when it is not in use. Label it clearly so that there is no question about the data it contains. Then enable the write protection switch on the product if one is available to guard against unwanted saving or deletion.

You can recover deleted videos from a digital camera by connecting it directly to your computer and using a compatible recovery utility. SD card recovery is possible through a similar process. Some systems use an automated backup, such as Apple’s Time Machine, that can help you to restore files that were previously saved with just a couple of clicks.

Don’t give up on your wedding videos if they get accidentally deleted. Your special day deserves to be replayed again. These options will help to make that possible for you.