How to quickly navigate through Home screen pages on the iPhone and iPad

If you work between multiple home screen pages, then you may need to navigate easily and speedily between them.

iOS 14 has addressed this issue also for better app organization and introduced multiple widgets. But not everyone is a fan of widgets, and some of you want to manage the home screen in conventional ways.

So if you are among those people who want to manage their home screen pages in conventional ways without becoming tiresome, then this article is for you.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial to learn to quickly navigate Home screen pages on the iPhone and iPad.

  • You can use the dots on your home screen; slide across different home screen pages. The dots will appear at the bottom of the screen, and they will indicate the number of open pages.
    You can use your finger like a scrollbar and scroll through different pages very quickly.
  • There is another home screen dot trick that can help you quickly navigate through multiple pages. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, then you must be aware that individual app pages can be hidden by simply tapping on them and holding the empty area until the icon starts jiggling.

This will display the interface for hiding individual apps from view. You can simply touch the circle below the pages to hide them. The hidden pages will still get exposed to the system-wide search feature, and you can easily access them through the search part of the app library.


The above methods are very useful if you want to navigate through multiple home screen pages traditionally. But you can also use different widgets available on iOS devices to increase your speed and navigate easily between home screen pages.