PopSockets: Magsafe-Compatible PopGrip and PopWallet+ Now Available for Purchase

PopGrips have been in fashion lately. These are small circular accessories that give a goof group over bigger sizes smartphones and for holding them. Mostly these PopGrips are available in an adhesive stickable. However, now such PopGrips are also available in a stickable magnet and are out for users to try.

PopSockets Magsafe is a compatible PopGrip and PopWallet+ that users can purchase. All the latest update related to PopGrips for MagSafe has been elaborated in this article. Read on for more in this space and explore more yourself about all things of PopSockets MagSafe.

What is a PopGrip for MagSafe?

The PopGrip for MagSafe is a stickable magnet accessory for mobile phones and other devices. Priced at a decent amount of $30, it is an accessory that most resembles traditional PopSockets PopGrips. However, they are attached on iPhones or other smartphones through adhesives, and MagSafe is attached through magnets in various compatible versions.

PopGrip MagSafe shall be there for use with a marked iPhone or an iPhone with a MagSafe compatible case. Its features an oval base which has an in-built magnet along with pop-out PopSockets options. People should use it with the case, as mentioned by PopSockets. This PopGrip MagSafe is as reliable as the PopGrips with adhesive.

Moreover, the attachment is slightly stronger when it comes to MagSafe. It offers a strong grip and a firm hold. It can be detached by putting some effort and shaking your iPhone or simply pushing it with a finger. It properly lines up well with the magnet in the latest iPhones. One needs to be a little cautious when using it, because like every other magnet accessory, it can detach if you try to press a thumb down on the iPhone while pulling up on the PopGrip MagSafe.

PopWallet+ for millennials on the go:

For people who are always in a flurry and forgets to carry their plastic money, like credit cards or debits often, this amazing product is of their means. PopSockets Magsafe has come up with a similar look-alike of PopGrips, but this time with a little knit sock inside that can hold up to three cards.

PopWallet+ for Magsafe is available for buying for just $40 in a square-shaped wallet chamber. It's an efficient and handy card-carrying wallet, which comes with PopGrip. Therefore, it is easy to carry and handle as well. The PopWallet+ is thicker than standard PopGrip MagSafe so that it can properly carry all the cards.

PopWallet+ amazingly has the same magnetic strength as that of PopGrips; hence these are safe for use. The cards fit in perfectly in the wallet space provided, and what's more? You can easily remove any card from the wallet by just pressing on the knit area at the bottom of the wallet. No matter how you carry your iPhone, the cards won't fall out of the wallet.


PopSockets MagSafe products in PopWallet+ and PoGgrips are an amazing alternative to adhesive grip accessory PopGrips and bulky wallets. They are available in many iPhone versions and provide a stronger grip and firm hold than adhesives. It's easily attachable and detachable also. Try out the new Magsafe PopGrip and PopWallet+ and let us know your experience with them!